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Hi, how would you rig/animate a cape or something similar? The corporeal's raincoat for example. I really like your work btw :)

Setting up a rig for a cape/dress/coat is fairly simple using joints, which is what I use (I’ve yet to fool around with learning cloth dynamics or physics). For dresses/coats, I have the joints follow the contour doing down, for capes, or lengthy ponytails/scarfs, the joint chain goes horizontally outward.

For animating, I typically do the tedious, time consuming manual keying: Rotate joint: key, rotate another joint: key, or rotate multiple joints: key, etc…
(I do not always add controls or switches like IK spline or deformers because I’m lazy…)

Point being, animating cloth of any kind is never easy, just takes time and practice!

Also thanks for the compliment; just doing what I love :)

- Mark

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