mygifs: doctor who

Harry Potter is like the gateway fandom. You start reading the books, then all of the sudden you have a sonic screwdriver, you want to go to Rivendell, and you have this awkward fascination with Sherlock Holmes. And you don’t really know how any of it happened, but you’re pretty sure it started with Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley of Four Privet Drive who were proud to say they they were perfectly normal thank you very much.

What I want out of the 13th Doctor:
Yes for her to complain about pockets
Yes for her to hilariously realize she’s a woman
Yes for general cuteness
Yes all of that
But ABOVE ALL I want her to:
- Walk around with silly handmade gadgets that go ding when there’s stuff
- Be socially awkward
- Say and do the wrong things sometimes because of said social awkwardness
- Be weirdly attached to her sonic screwdriver
- Be kinda ADHD
- Have a weird fashion sense
- Go on epic monologues schooling people
- Talk insanely fast when she gets an idea
- Be a genius
- Find her way out of seemingly impossible situations by being said genius
- Always somehow no matter what end up in charge of everyone
- Be an authority figure

Basically I just want her to be the Doctor