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all of overwatch is basically just everyone struggling to remember the english terms for things

WIDOW: where is the … COMMENT DITES-VOUS … la louche??
TRACER: the fuck is a ‘loosh’
MERCY: she means … you know, uh, die pfanne ..
REINHARDT: it has to be here somewhere in one of the drawers
TRACER: i know where everything is just tell me in english
MCCREE: el cucharon
TRACER: english
TORBJORN: skanken
LUCIO: a concha
TRACER: english, PLEASE, loves
MEI: 钢包
D.VA: 국자
ANA: المغرفة

I’ve never clicked play on a single video of the ‘cash me outside’ girl and I don’t even know what her voice sounds like but somehow I know that this is the nicest form of self care I’ve ever practiced