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  • *at The Hanged Man*
  • Varric: You know, I'm writing a new novel where I ship two characters who would never work in real life.
  • Merrill: Ship? You mean like a boat.
  • Varric: Nah, Daisy. I leave those ships to our resident pirate. I'm talking about relationships.
  • Merrill: Oh. Well in that case I 'ship' a lot of people. Bethany and Sebastian for example.
  • Fenris: *groans*
  • Varric: Hey now, Broody there's nothing wrong with a little fantasy. There's got to be some people that you ship.
  • Merrill: Oh! Yes. Who'd'you ship, Fenris??
  • Fenris: Anders. Back to the Circle.
  • Anders(yelling from another table): I heard that.