There is no doubt 2014 is probably the WORST year in Kpop ever. From Bom's drug scandal to Baekhyun/Taeyeon's dating scandal that exploded, to Kris leaving EXO, to the numerous amounts of car accidents, to the extremely tragic deaths of EunB and Rise, to the physical assault on his girlfriend from Kim Hyun Joong, to now Jessica possibly leaving SNSD(?), and to so many other incidents that happened.

And the year isn’t even over yet

The struggles of international kpop fans

*concert announced*

*sees venue location*

*new album released*

*can’t buy it anywhere*

*meets idols*

*awkward silence*

*new interview online*

*no subs*

*talks about kpop in public*

*gets weird looks*

*wants to join fan cafes*

*good fucking luck*

*kpop song comes on*

*mumbles until chorus*


Happy 28th birthday to our 4D flower boy leader, Kim Hyun Joong! You have made an amazing career for yourself and an amazing life, while keeping more grounded than most people I have ever met. I am so proud of you and will support you forever. I will be sad to see you go into the military next year but wish you all the luck in the world. <3

Happy 9th Anniversary to SS501, the group of my heart. 050608 - 140608

Thank you for being there for 9 years,
Thank you for being genuine, caring and amazing to Triple S for 9 years,
Thank you for what you’ve achieved for 9 years,
Thank you for making us happy for 9 years,

Thank you for being SS501 for 9 years.

Friend: American pop music is way better Me: Oh? What’s that I smell? Oh that’s right it’s-

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