Happy 26th 27th Birthday Our 4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong!!

Happy birthday to our dearest weird charismatic Leader, our doggie :3, the one that fanboying about alien the most. the one that always protect his members, the one that rushed down from the airport with dark circles worse than a panda’s. And the one that always keep us to believe in SS501.

Thanks for feeling our life with your doggie smile~ with your soft voice with your dance with your laugh and with your choco abs hehehe. we’ll always love you no matter what other talk shit about you. Because we know you. we’ll keep our promis to believe you and your members. we believe you in SS501. Thank you Hyun Joong Leader♥ and once again!~ Happy Birthday!! Happy #501HJLday!!


[870403 - 130403] Happy 26th Birthday Park Jung Min!!

Happy Birthday to our Sexy Charisma, our SS501’s Hitler and obviously our happy virus Park Jung Min! you went through a lot in this past year, but don’t worry. We Triple S will keep on supporting you until the end, thank you for being born. Thank you to not give up after all this time. Don’t stop to make music and spread your smile all over the world. 생일 축하한다 정민이!!~


Happy 26th Birthday Kim Kyu Jong! 

Happy Birthday Our Precious Center!, It’s been 217 days without you here. Take care in the army! We’ll wait until you release from the army with a huge grin in our faces, Thank You for being born, feeling our life with your smile, joy, laughter, kindness, your everything. Happy Birthday Our TS President! It’s February the 24th, it’s #501KyujongDay!!


Happy 7th Year Anniversary Triple S.

“And every one of the moments that we’re together, And every one of the promises that we made, Also, every hour that we’re together, Forever, we will hold on to, I want to become a star, Wherever on this earth, No matter at what time, (I want to) shine for you all, 24/7 from Monday to Sunday night, Together with us, (you) will be happy” - SS501; Green Peas