SO I was being a cliche and writing a screenplay in a Starbuck’s when I noticed these young women at a table nearby, sort of furtively eyeballing me and whispering in Japanese. This continued for a couple of minutes, and the only words I could make out, repeatedly, were “Nick Miller.” It struck me that, while I don’t think I look A LOT like Jake Johnson (Nick Miller on New Girl), I AM an almost-attractive scruffy white guy with a couple of days stubble on his face and permanently sleepy-eyed?? So when I got up from my table to grab a refill I awkwardly moonwalked out of the room Nick Miller-style and they LOST THEIR SHIT.

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Luke Cage - Trailer

“Sweet Christmas.” Sign. Me. Up.

  • Bellatrix [ranting about Andromeda]:I can't stand her! I wish a building would fall on her! I wish she'd get stung by a fifty-pound bee!
  • Bellatrix:I wish a dog would mistake her for a fire hydrant! I wish the Falmouth Falcons would use her as a bludger!
  • Rodolphus:Hey, how about being run over by the Knight Bus?
  • Bellatrix:[giving him a look] Roddy, grow up!