the reign of the tudors  ♦ the beginning of the reign ( the battle of bosworth-the end of the wars of roses, henry vii)

People wanted the wars to end and the nobles offered the crown to Henry Tudor (the last of the House of Lancaster) while Richard III was still holding the throne.Henry Tudor claimed himself the heir to the English throne and so he had to defeat Richard III,who was deserted by his troops and killed.King Richard took the group of household knights and charges out from the battle line sweeping down past the Mêlée and had learned about the strenght and number of Henry’s army.He was pushed back into the marsh and unhorsed.Henry Tudor swirled around the embattled King Richard.Whatever people thought of him,all chroniclers respected the courage Richard showed in the face of now hopeless odds.”But yet,i must say the truth to his credit,though small in body and feeble of limb,he bore himself like a gallant knight and acted as distinction as his own champion and untill his last breath,shouting oftentime he was betrayed and crying ‘Treason!,Treason!,Treason!’ “-So said John Rous of Warwick,a writer,in about 1490.Richard III was defeated on 22nd august,1485.Henry Tudor was crowned Henry VII and so he founded the new dynasty of English kings- the Tudors.In 1486,for the sake of a strong alliance and support from the people,Henry VII married Elizabeth of York,daughter of Edward IV (brother of RIchard III) and Elizabeth Woodville.

“Elizabeth of York, the first Tudor queen, gave birth to descend- ants who changed the world, who brought about the Protestant Reformation in England, and who encouraged the English Renaissance. Equally important, however, were Queen Elizabeth’s personal contributions during her lifetime—her quiet presence that steadied private lives and stabilized a nation torn apart by decades of civil conflict and family feuds. In the early days of

Henry’s reign, Elizabeth of York’s lineage secured the loyalty of nobles otherwise alien to Henry’s cause—perhaps even hostile to his claim to the throne of England. Throughout their marriage, her quiet presence provided Henry a comforting sense of personal security. Her love of the arts—music, dancing, pageantry, architecture—stimulated the creativity so important to the emerging aesthetics of the English Renaissance. She was beloved by every- one—from the mightiest of diplomats to the lowliest of subjects. During her 17 years as queen, Elizabeth of York was exactly the consort needed by England to help end the ugly, internecine Wars of the Roses.

Sometimes, a gracious personality far outweighs the power of the potentate. Elizabeth of York was such a queen.”- Arlene Okerlund

yeah one of my favorite things i learned about henry vii recently, you’d think he’d be all miserly all the time, but the dude goes and buys himself a bunch of clothes when he’s stressed and is basically just kind of a mess