To Hiddlestoners who can come to Thor 2 Premieres from now on...

… Tom is ill for a few days (I believe he is not well since returning from Loki Asia Tour, being so busy and travelling through all time zones). Notice his finger punctuated?

I met him in Paris 2 days ago, he was still not well enough. In the red carpet he was smiling and nice, but not really looking as excited as usual. Some other fan accounts said when he went out of the theatre (I didn’t know, since I was still in there that time), he was kind of cold and indifferent.

He is exhausted, guys. Please understand, refrain from screaming and pushing at him (it’s hard, I know), use flash directly at his face, and please don’t be too disappointed and angry at him if his autograph is clumsy, if he doesn’t smile, he seems to be annoyed or cold, if he walks past you without a look. The man is tired after days and days of a litterally solo World Tour for Thor: The Dark World  (the rest of the cast just joined him sometimes). It’s not that he doesn’t respect you or not like meeting you or think you annoy him.

He just doesn’t have the energy.


Thank you for bothering reading my terrible English of a ranting.

Things you should not say to a Thorki shipper
  • Me: Hey dad, I think Thor 2 did a good job with portraying Loki as the annoying little brother.'
  • Dad: Like when?
  • Me: Like in that scene where they were flying that alien-airplane thingy.
  • Dad: Actually they seemed more like a husband and wife fighting over directions on a road trip.

Thor: The Dark World | Thor Impresses Loki! (Official HD)