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Please tell me Beatrice and Benedick take the same chemistry class. Beatrice would say "Ben and I have chemistry together", and everyone would be just like, yep, pretty much.

Hahahaha! Wish we’d done that now! The only class they take which is just the two of them is physics. They take History together, but Pedro is also in that class. :)

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I'm sorry to disturb you with this question but... The gif/pic where all the characters sans Bea and Ben are seated on Hero's bed, with Claudio being right next to Hero? Uhm... Where did that come from?

It came from the video ‘PROJECT IV - MAKEUP BLOOPERS’ which is an Ursula video from the WatchProjects channel. We always find it hilarious when we discover people who skipped that video! Just like Bea and Ben… hehe