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has top ever mentioned his love of furniture before? or is he just revealing this now? also how many siblings does our tabi have? is he the youngest? oldest? has he had any previous gfs? is he married? Everytime I find out something from him i have 145876985539975255364123986 more questions.


Again,  I’m sorry about the late response!

He has in previous interviews before.  He’s mentioned his fascination with chairs and furniture in general, stating that they are pieces of architecture.  But since the birth of his IG account, his love has been revealed to us in full force haha…I love every single bit of it <3

Tabi has one older sister, so yes, he’s the youngest <3

About his previous girlfriends, we don’t really know much except for one girlfriend he had while in high school.  He’s talked about her and even dedicated a few of his earlier songs to her.  But he’s also mentioned that he doesn’t like revealing information about his love life and personal life since that jeopardizes the privacies of those involved in his personal life.  So most fans try not to dig too much into his personal life.  He’s a private guy and likes his privacy :)  And although I have a theory that he is married and with kids (lol..) we really don’t know much of anything about that aspect of his life….and hopefully it stays that way until he himself feels comfortable enough to tell us.

Tabi’s a mysterious guy, it’s totally normal to have so many questions haha.

Hope this was helpful :D


Credit in vid. 

I am so very impressed with TOP that I can’t even properly express how impressed I am 


choi seunghyun and his cute facial expression (especially his kitten lips) is so distracting (>д<)