Small Town Romance

This thread is between myself and braveryxwillfollow with gif credit going to fairytaleasoldastime and her wonderful ‘Beauty and the Beast’ series.

R. Gold runs the pawn shop in a small town in Storybrooke, Maine, with his wife, Milah. The couple, in their 30s, are no longer getting along and Milah has been having an affair with one of the young captains down at the docks, Killian Jones. But Gold doesn’t know it, however, their boy Baelfire does. One day their twelve year old son runs into a newcomer to the town; one Belle French, and decides that this woman might make a good match for his poor Papa.

The library had a whole section devoted to all sorts of genres but he was always stuck in the corner, reduced to one rack for his comic books. He could easily go and buy some comic books - his Father had enough money - but he enjoyed taking stuff out of the library. There was something about borrowing over owning.. Plus, he knew his room would get too full of comics soon enough.

Baelfire had his arms full of comics as he rounded the stacks to take them out. The librarian was old and half deaf but she let him take out more at a time than he was technically allowed.. He always read them and brought them back within just a few days. He planned to squirrel himself away in the pawn shop today and spend the afternoon reading instead of doing homework.

bugün coğrafya hocamız sınıfa yazdığımız 'Türk' yazısını silmemizi istedi. karşı çıktığımızda ise 'okulda siyaset yapılmaz, yasak' dedi ve silmezsek olayın peşini bırakmayacağını söyledi. şimdi soruyorum size; bu ülkede milletimin adını ağzına almak ne zamandan beri siyaset oldu ve okulda yasaklandı ? peki ne zamandır 'Türk' kelimesini sadece milliyetçiler kullanır oldu ? sandığa giderken düşünmeniz dileğimle..

Türkiye Türklerindir.
-Başbuğ Mustafa Kemal Paşa.