Beautiful things:

i. Tyler Joseph singing Guns for Hands on a stage at a festival. It’s late afternoon, and the soft golden light sits over a cheering crowd. The smell of festival foods fill the air. A faint wind catches the flags above Josh’s head and flaps them lazily while he contentedly drums to his best friend’s voice. An airplane crosses the sky, leaving a long white line. In the distance, you can hear faint music from other sets. There is a strong shared feeling of leaving all your problems behind.


Time to spend hours being a high schooler again and to celebrate part 1 of the persona 5 icons set!

Feel free to use this icons if you like them. we would love if you could tell people we made them so spread them around!

Also, is there a character or series you’d love to have an icon of but you don’t see much of them or really like our style? Well feel free to send us an ask!

“ La sensibilità, non è donna.
  La  sensibilità, è umana,
  e quando la trovi in un uomo,
  diventa poesia ”

 "Sensibility, it’s not meant to be woman
  It’s mean to be human being.
  And when you find it in a man,
  it become poetry “

Poetry : Alda Merini 🌷
Shot by Caterina, in sepia filter , from ” Rafia"
collection .