Ok this really bothers me…

When was the last time Ash Ketchum aka Satoshi had his age said during the anime? Has he truly said himself being 10 years old lately?

I have a feeling dub might have said it but has original japanese version said his age anywhere? How about outside of anime, within merchandise?

This confuses me so much because I only ever recall words “young boy“, yet I see people saying he’s been said to be 10 years old in Best Wishes at least?? D:

Here is an “everybody” piece of artwork for the Kantou arc, which shows all of the major characters of the Generation I saga, bar one particular father figure.

「俺サトシ! 今度マサラタウンからポケモンマスター目指してトレーナー就業の旅に出るんだ! 俺の行く手には山や海の… いや、伝説いっさいなっているポケモン達がいっぱい待ってるはずさ!
新始まり: ポケットモンスター新物語! 今年の夏から伝説の冒険を繰り返す! 皆も俺と一緒にポケモンGETだぜ~!」