random thought but i’m just siting here wonderin’ why ash don’t get no open jacket in his character designs no more like

look i love his lil’ short sleeved vest jacket looks n’ hoodies and shit his mom sews for him they’re all so cute and his current outfit is like a+ but i kinda miss the old os outfit because it was constantly left open an was always flarin in the win and shit whenever stuff went down instead of just ruffling around like a close-knit sweater that kinda stuff was niiice especially when extra care was put into the animation or his movements k

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like son look at that beautiful flaring shit

i guess it’s because they keep having his shit mirror the canon vidya game’s protag clothing in style whenever they can buuuuuut i still miss the open jackets

ash ketchum with open jacket for seventh gen anime plzkthx
2016-02-10: I qualified as an expert witness on Bitcoin in federal criminal court in the USA.

A public defender, for whom I have worked in the past, called me late the week before, asking if I could explain Bitcoin to the judge and jury in a case being tried in federal criminal court in West Palm Beach. (I have not read the government’s complaint, but I gather that the case involved alleged drug importation and distribution, paid for with bitcoins.)This is in addition to a different state criminal case in Miami involving the selling of bitcoins via LocalBitcoins, for which I was hired as an expert witness last year. That one is still awaiting trial.I was particularly impressed by how well the prosecutor understood Bitcoin. I had expected the usual Sturm und Drang that one fears in such situations, but he knew about Gyft, Newegg, Overstock, etc., and was generally positive. Of course, he asked during my cross-examination, whether Bitcoin could be used for illegal activity, and I acknowledged that, like bottles of Liquid Tide, Bitcoin can be used to purchase illegal goods.I was fascinated at how interested the jurors were in my testimony. While I was waiting for the IT expert witness for the prosecution ahead of me to finish his testimony, most were reasonably attentive, but some seemed to be a bit distracted. However, once we got past the preliminaries during my testimony, I noticed that they were watching me closely, and nodding as I invoked metaphors like boxes of poker chips that cannot be counterfeited and unimaginably wide spreadsheets that get updated every ten minutes, and described some of the work that my students and I do with Bitcoin entrepreneurs in Africa through Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation.All in all, it was pretty straightforward.Given that I am in South Florida—former home of Cryptsy—I expect that we’ll be seeing more of this kind of thing in the future.

Pokemon-World Giant-Human Studies

In the Anime: (heights are only approx. and really aren’t 100% consistent)

  • Lt. Surge is king of the giants, but not by as much as I was expecting?
  • Surge and Bruno have matching studded wrist-cuffs and I feel that that is very important

For my own (still unnamed comic) purposes:

  • The guidelines from the screenshots are stretched vertically a bit to accommodate how I draw proportions
  • Older!Ash(19) is MUCH Taller than he was at 10, but is “normal” tall-not a Giant
  • I tried mixing Bruno’s Anime and Game designs to suggest that some time has passed
  • gonna try to work mostly in BW instead of full color, for the sake of time. So this is a tone-test too
With Seg witness soft-fork.. the cat app.

Aside from the market strategy to exploit kittens everywhere, we need an app that is aspired through bitcoin’s notorious stories. Remember when one of the first miners probably deeply involved thought it was convenient to offer 25,000 BTC for a warm pizza? That someone could still become our guide stone for the community to value BTC a little more and not take for granted, the very promise bitcoin holds for the future, in the imaginations of many. But I believe he wouldn’t be the greedy type at all. Infact, I believe he made this choice on purpose to set this ground. I am no miner but I get great ideas when it’s most inconvenient for me as well.Anyways we need a facebook app or something more convenient that allow users to accept and send small donations that have a shelf life so all unclaimed satoshi may be rightfully returned. Let’s say this app has the ability to peg an amount per “like” (facebook) you send out. If everything is transparent within email (CIA owns FB), it will forge positive psychological effects for the backbone of bitcoin for future investments. If you are someone that can make this happen. Let me know, we could make great success.The point is to have users download and generate a new wallet for that app. This will submerge newcomers in the center of the excitement while it’s still possible.BTW, this idea is great for everyone. But I really do have many more ideas for people willing to work with me.