updates on r;n dash and s;g elite (courtesy of reading steiner)

s;g elite will include anime cutscenes

daru is the protag of r;n dash

its set in tanegashima in 2016 (which means suzuha probably isnt going to show up but maybe a pregnant yuki will) 

set after chaos;child but before robotics;notes

concepts from chaos;head (and probably characters too) will show up

something in c;c caused the world to split from the steins;gate world line, so it’s about daru (and presumably okabe and kurisu) trying to fix it 

robotics;notes in spirit but takes after s;g in the whole “fixing the world line” thing


Rundown of all announcements from this weekend’s “Chiyo-St. Live 2017 -Genesis-” event (Mages).

Anunciada la novela visual secuela ‘ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH’

La novela visual original fue lanzada en 2012 e inspiró un Anime para TV el mismo año

Durante el evento “CHIYO-ST. LIVE 2017 -GENESIS-” fue anunciado el domingo que la novela visual de ROBOTICS;NOTES tendrá una secuela titulada ‘ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH’. El anuncio no dio más detalles como la fecha de lanzamiento o plataformas del juego. 

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I’m still kind of baffled about Robotics;Notes DaSH. But if Daru was on Tanegashima during the events of R;N, then the S;G characters’ tweets in R;N are obviously not completely reliable. Meaning, the “evidence” I found before that Okabe and Kurisu didn’t seem to be in a relationship may no longer apply.

My point is that there’s hope that Okabe and Kurisu’s relationship has advanced more than we thought.

Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes as Beat-'Em-Ups

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is a cool 2D retro-style beat-‘em-up for PS4 and Vita. Its most important feature (to me) is that it offers DLC that lets you play as Makise Kurisu from Steins; Gate and/or Frau (aka Kona) from Robotics; Notes.

Kurisu has summoned Suzuha to do some kung-fu and is also pointing Future Gadget #1 at an enemy and this is basically awesome.

As a fan of both of those animes, seeing those ladies pummel the crap out of monsters using items from the shows and summoning their friends from the shows is basically the best thing, and I highly recommend it.