updates on r;n dash and s;g elite (courtesy of reading steiner)

s;g elite will include anime cutscenes

daru is the protag of r;n dash

its set in tanegashima in 2016 (which means suzuha probably isnt going to show up but maybe a pregnant yuki will) 

set after chaos;child but before robotics;notes

concepts from chaos;head (and probably characters too) will show up

something in c;c caused the world to split from the steins;gate world line, so it’s about daru (and presumably okabe and kurisu) trying to fix it 

robotics;notes in spirit but takes after s;g in the whole “fixing the world line” thing

If I don’t find out what Robotics;Notes DaSH’s deal is soon, I’m gonna spontaneously combust. DaSH takes place after R;N (which took place in the SG world line), but DaSH is about Daru figuring out how to build a time machine so they can get to the SG world line? What does that mean? What world line does this take place in??

I know I’ve posted some personal speculation about it, but that’s nothing more than speculation.

And despite my curiosity, I’m having a hard time getting excited about DaSH. As fond as I am of Daru, I’m not that interested in him as a protagonist. But I can respect that they went with the character that would best suit the story, rather than one who would make them more money. That doesn’t mean I can make myself get excited about it, though.

Anunciada la novela visual secuela ‘ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH’

La novela visual original fue lanzada en 2012 e inspiró un Anime para TV el mismo año

Durante el evento “CHIYO-ST. LIVE 2017 -GENESIS-” fue anunciado el domingo que la novela visual de ROBOTICS;NOTES tendrá una secuela titulada ‘ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH’. El anuncio no dio más detalles como la fecha de lanzamiento o plataformas del juego. 

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