_っ_り Adverbs

In Japanese, there’s a surprising amount of adverbs that are four characters long, the second being a small っ and the fourth, a り. It’s useful to know a few to make your sentences more interesting :D (Note, they don’t always translate to an English adverb, like many Japanese parts of speech, but I will give the best translation I can)

がっかり- disappointed

びっくり- surprised

そっくり- identical or similar

ぴったり- exactly

はっきり- clearly

あっさり- simple or simply

すっかり- completely

さっぱり-  uncomplicated

たっぷり- plenty

ひっそり- quiet

てっきり- certain

きっぱり- plainly

おっとり- easy-going

ばったり- suddenly

ゆっくり- slowly

Here is a Quizlet set I made for these types of words, I will definitely add more to the set soon.


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