Queer as Folk Meme - nine scenes [8/9]

↳ Brian x Justin 5x04

Stop being so cynical.

I’m not being cynical, I’m being…

[imitates Brian] Realistic.

Fifteen years ago...

Fifteen years ago, we were introduced to the world of Liberty Avenue, and television was forever changed.

Thank you, Queer as Folk, for giving us characters who feel not only like friends, but like family.

Thank you for giving us stories that still resonate with us after more than a decade.

Thank you for making us laugh, cry, hope, and dream.

And thank you for continuing to inspire us, even after fifteen years, proving that the thumpa thumpa beats on, no matter what.


Queer as Folk Meme - nine scenes [1/9]

↳ Brian x Justin 3x08

That’s so like you. You don’t hear what you want, so you leave. Try standing up for yourself for a change. Have some balls.