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Just a small tip. Animation Paper was a program by Niels Krogh Mortensen that promised an easy-to-use interface for beginners and professionals. He tried and failed to crowfund it two years ago, but its back with a new website and a promise to try a new Kickstarter in the fall! I think the more people that now about this, the better so I thought this would be a good place to mention it.

Oh yeah, the new program already looks like a huge improvement over the original PAP. Here’s the site for anyone interested in keeping track of the new release. Thanks for the info!

Why was the recommended age for first Pap test changed to 21?

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can you tell me why pap smears are recommended once you turn 21? what is it about being 21 that means you should get a pap smear? i have been told it’s because of the assumption that most people will be having sex by that age. i am asexual and do not nor will i ever have penetrative sex. is it still necessary for me to get a pap smear? i know virgins can develop cervical cancer but the risk is very very low. i am autistic and the procedure would be traumatic for me so i want to avoid it if i can

The recommendations were moved to a few years later in life because researchers learned that it takes several years for precancerous cells to show up (generally after exposure to HPV). Age 21 is the very earliest when researchers started to see precancerous cells begin to grow. After that, you should get Pap tests about every three years, although some people need them more frequently. Pap tests are recommended regardless of whether a person has penetrative sex because HPV can be passed by genital skin-to-skin, and oral sexual contact too.

It’s a good idea to tell your doctor or nurse about your concerns; many providers understand that patients are nervous about Pap tests and will do their best to make the exam as comfortable as possible. Learn more about what it’s like to go do the doctor.

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What does an abnormal Pap test mean for my partner and me?

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Hi I recently got an abnormal papsmear and I was told I have hpv? but I didn’t have it last year my bf and i are exclusive with each other. Does this mean my bf now has it as well? And what if I’m trying to have a baby?? please help me understand I’m very stressed out.

I’m sorry you’re so stressed out. The truth is there’s probably nothing to be scared of just yet. HPV is very very common — most people will get it at some point in their lives.

Sometimes HPV is dormant and doesn’t show symptoms or show up on a Pap test until months or years after getting it, so it’s pretty much impossible to know when you got it or from whom. It’s possible your boyfriend has it, and it’s possible he had it first (just because HPV didn’t show up in your Pap last year doesn’t mean it wasn’t in your body). And there’s no HPV test for men, so there’s really no way to know if he has it.

The good news is that HPV usually clears up on its own. You may need to have Pap tests done more often for a while to see if it goes away on its own or not. If it doesn’t, your doctor can give you tests/treatment in the future to keep you healthy. And you can absolutely have a totally healthy pregnancy if you have HPV. If the HPV does progress and eventually needs treatment, you’re still very likely to have a totally healthy pregnancy. Just make sure you follow your doctor’s recommendations for how often you should get Pap tests so they can keep an eye on it.

Learn more about HPV and Pap tests>>

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