One day
I will be able to
right up to
I don’t know and
myself with
and I will feel
in my own skin and
I won’t have to
lie about my
to make myself feel more

One day
But not today
Not yet today

One day
the very thought of
to a woman will not
terrify me
and I will be at
with the fact that I am
and intelligent and interesting and not
that I am some kind of sexless
that couldn’t possibly ever
a woman

One day
But not today
Not yet today

One day
I will be able to
to my family for the
in judgment and the
I put them through
making them
if they were going to find me
in an alley somewhere with
my face all blue and a
in my arm and
I’ll be able to
them in the
and ask them for

One day
But not today
Not yet today

One day
I will be able to
with my son
who I thought
to me forever
who needs an irresponsible
junkie father
in their life
who was only going to
the world and then let them

One day
But not today
Not yet today

One day
I will be able to
with my head held
into a world that doesn’t
and paralyze me and be
able to smile
because I don’t feel
that I am about to
or collapse in a nervous

One day
But not today
Not yet today


Max Mundan, One Day

© David Rutter 2016

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Daaang, when did the boys hit 65k?! And is 65k enough for me to quit my job and Wikipedia it from here on out?! Meaning I get to stay at home, chill w my boys all day errday, & once a yr i ask everyone to donate $1. “Your donations keep Corgnelius draped in pillows. Draped from head to stump.” #Sigh #OneDay #ThanksForTheLoveIG #65k?! #HowDidThatEvenHappen

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One Day you'll Notice

One day you’ll notice that I treated you better than you deserved. You’ll notice that I’ve been putting so much effort into making things work. You’ll notice how much I loved and cared for you, and how much I tried to keep making you happy. You’ll notice that I put you first, before the world. And when you do, don’t come running back to me, because then I’ll have found someone who notices and appreciates every little thing I do.

I’m about to quit my job, work at McDonald’s, wear 2 packs of long individual lashes, catch the bus, get a cute ass bob, work part time at a call center, eat hot fries, make twerk videos, get coffin tip nails, be bi, put $5 in other ppls tank for gas, learn how to roll weed, listen to Kodak black, get a Monroe piercing, ask for Jordan’s, and have roaches. Then MAYBE I’ll get a bae. Cause that’s what these niggas want #2016goals

My brains at it again

Brain: *has idea*
Me *sigh* da fuck it is this time
Brain: Zootopia wheel of time AU
Me: God dammit we talked about this
Brain: but….
Me: sorry but Nick and Judy wouldn’t be a couple if we went with the characters
Brain: who said they have to be one of the characters….
Me: …..
Brain: ……
Me: that…. Might work I think
Brain: yeah just have Nick be like a southerner and Judy a borderlander
Me: that’s a good way to explain her personality
Brain: sooooo is that a yes?
Me: one day we’re already busy with the three we got
Brain: ;-;

One day...

One day you’ll walk through the door after a hard day of work, into the kitchen, and I’ll be there. I’ll be there with my back to you, facing the oven, my sleeves pushed up over my elbows and a tea towel thrown over my shoulder because I think I’m some kind of professional chef. Some kind of crappy noughties music will be playing, and I’ll be singing/dancing along. You’ll laugh, shake your head, throw your bag down and pull out a chair at the already set table, with a cute little tablecloth and a candle, maybe even a rose placed perfectly centre. One day that will be us, and it will be blissful.

That day alone, is worth years of distance and waiting.