Come to think of it, that guy still hasn’t come back yet?  Even though he can make the boundary line, it’s dangerous for a shinki to walk around alone…
—  Yato

“You’re always the same as ever. You’ll never change. it doesn’t matter what happens, or what you do.. you always smile, just  like that.

But that’s fine. You can smile alone from now on, because i won’t be there to smile with you anymore.”


so as i said on my personal blog, ive started trying to make gifs and edits now that i have photoshop! yep its all very exciting hah. up there is my first actually edited gif where i changed the colors and hue and such, but it’s still quite mediocre of course. the first one is the original, and the second is edited! so yes, hopefully as time goes on, i’ll improve more~

my poor, poor son