look at how happy Zeref is when he looks at the pendant. he was cursed, he’s been suffering for over 400 years, he lost everyone he loves, because of his attempt on bringing his brother Natsu back. but he never blames natsu for it.
I strongly believe zeref still has such a sweet and sincere heart all these times.

Zeref loves his brother, but he is also mad. Life alone, the curse itself - it strikes those who love life the most, making him fated to destroy what he loves everyday -, the trauma it brings, Mavis’ too, are all factors in this. And Natsu’s death as well, which was the very foundation of the studies that brought him to what he is now. So he is ambivalent towards his little brother: He loves him and resurrected him, but probably doesn’t love him enough or loves him so much that his own judgement is clouded, and thus he made him the weapon fated to destroy him, only at the clause that he dies doing it: This is contradictory and this is madness. Mashima likes to take a page every now and then to show us this ambivalency: One page for how much he loves Natsu, one page for how much he hates himself. And one page to connect with the string of insanity the two, because Natsu as he is now is a creation of his, and as Zeref stated to Mavis, he can only bring destruction to the world, voluntarily or involuntarily, by his curse or by waging war on it. Mavis, the one who offered a third path, died. And now Zeref is torn between making the most dangerous creature as END in the body of his little brother, the thing he hates the most in whom he loves so much. END is the embodiment of all of Zeref’s studies: His greatest pride and most fearsome weapon.

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I see many posts about last NaLu panel and I want to add something.

Let’s see,
as has already been mentioned several times, Natsu has changed.

After this


and this

In each of these situations he lost her because he wasn’t strong enough. He was helpless. He promised to himself never again lose her. 

Here we see him like ,,Not again, bitch’’. He is ANGRY and DETERMINED. He exudes strength.

But today’s panel broke my heart.

Why? Because it isn’t like that earlier situation. He is DESPERATE. He cradled Lucy as the most precious thing in the world. It is more like ,,No my Lucy, no she, no again, I beg you’’

He doesn’t think about himself. He is thinking only he cannot lose her. He can do everything to she be safe.

This panel made me actually really happy you know why? I think for the very first time ever, Natsu and Gray are actually happy to see each other. Usually when they meet they would either bicker, fight or contest in some way. Seeing them just generally happy to see each other makes my heart feel good. Same with Juvia, usually she would be all about “Oh my love rival is back…”, yeah of course that calmed down over time but just seeing her say “Lucy” with such a happy expression is…I AIN’T CRYING!