The Signs as Live Action Shows
  • Aries: Supernatural
  • Taurus: Merlin
  • Gemini: The 100
  • Cancer: The Walking Dead
  • Leo: Game of Thrones
  • Virgo: Sherlock
  • Libra: Teen Wolf
  • Scorpio: Hannibal
  • Sagittarius: Orange Is the New Black
  • Capricorn: Breaking Bad
  • Aquarius: Doctor Who
  • Pisces: Once Upon a Time
What Katie McGrath has done to me

1. I have a flu which makes it very convenient to watch Slasher because I got nothing to do. Yeah I just watched Sarah Bennett make love to  her husband the first episode and screw a serial killer on its finale against a wall. (Now I know where that very realistic gif edit of Lena Luthor kissing Kara came from).

2. I’m watching Merlin and I never thought I’d love this one. Colin Morgan is a freaking dork. Also, Morgana screams gay. But what do I expect? 


abradley 3 by archaeologist_d
Via Flickr:
Merlin filming Pierrefonds 2010

Um so just saying… When I watched the Merlin finale in 2012 I was 13 and back then I had only watched the first season and a few other episodes from the later seasons, and I watched the finale, saw Merlin holding Arthur in his arms while he died, and when he said “I can’t lose him, he’s my friend” and I thought, at 13, ‘I really don’t think the term friend describes this situation’

At 13 I recognised the pure love and devotion that existed between the two. Before I’d encountered many gay couples on screen (besides those on Glee). And I could tell the word friend did not cover it

So I really don’t believe I’m deluded or over analysing anything


  And quiet evenings you told me what you thought about servants and kings, and how everyone is bought, and no one’s hands are bloodier than God’s, and                                  I won’t be judged for doing as I ought 

                                 - Radical Face “Servants and Kings”

                                               Merlin and Arthur