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acolin 5 by archaeologist_d
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Merlin filming Pierrefonds 2010

On the House

@alloverthegaf have some Merwaine because I too know the struggle of very limited fics for an otp :D

The first time Gwaine sees him, he walks straight into a wall. Percy snorts behind him and says, “Smooth, mate.”

“You alright?” Lancelot asks worriedly from behind the counter, not quite masking the amusement in his eyes.

“Fine,” Gwaine murmurs distractedly, his eyes darting to the window, but disappointment settles in his stomach. He already walked away. “Just fine.”

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concernedlily  asked:

Kiss 20 for Eggsy/Harry/Merlin :D

Of course Eggsy, being Eggsy, snoops everywhere in the bedroom when he’s bored one time and finds a whole stash of things he doesn’t know the names and uses of. Merlin sits him down on the bed when he catches him – on Harry’s side, of course – and for almost an hour he lets the lad open boxes and press buttons and investigate, quietly explaining everything to him while Eggsy, silent for once, nods his head and blushes like a beautiful boy in a pre-Raphaelite painting. He keeps staring, shocked, at Merlin’s hands, the way his fingers move with such certainty over the electrodes and blade handles and the perfectly rendered veins in the marble carving of Harry’s cock made during some fling he’d had with an artist in the summer of 1994.

Harry gets home and finds them there: Eggsy flushed and damp with sweat at the temples, unabashedly hard in his trackies, surrounded by paraphernalia and wearing a metal cock ring over three of his fingertips so the spikes on the inside rest gently against his skin, not tight enough to dig in and prickle him. “You’re fucking mental,” Eggsy tells Harry as he lounges there against the doorframe taking in the view, but his voice sounds thick and clumsy with need and Harry’s never been very good at not indulging his lovers within five seconds of realising they want something, this one least of all. With the touch of a smile lifting the corners of his mouth, he slides his fingers up the silk of his tie and unfastens the knot, leaving the tails hanging loose as he starts on his shirt buttons.

“I admit the spikes are a little intense,” he says casually. His eyes slide to Merlin when he comes closer, smile broadening, fond and familiar, before he looks back at Eggsy and reaches to take the ring off his fingers. “Not my favourite, to be quite honest, although there’s something rather wonderful about doing a thing one doesn’t care for if it pleases someone else.”

“Right,” Eggsy says, still looking a bit stunned until Harry strokes his sweaty hair back from his forehead and then he grins, teasing and mischievous. “What’s your favourite, then? I bet it’s"—he holds up a stainless steel butt plug with a huge diamante inset—"the fucking Koh-i-Noor up your arse.” He’s more right than he knows. Merlin’s in no hurry to forget the sight of Harry wearing that thing for the first time on his hotel room cameras, the way it made him stretch like a languid cat and smirk back over his shoulder when Victoria called him her pretty princess. The way she’d raised her eyebrow like a challenge or an invitation, and the way Harry had eventually come just from rubbing himself against the rough silk sheets while Merlin murmured feverishly sweet things in his ear – I’ll cover you in diamonds, I’ll make a knife and cut you with diamonds – and Victoria watched him from the couch, sipping a martini.

“No.” Harry slips his shirt from his shoulders, stuffing it untidily into the laundry basket in the corner, then turns to show off a bit when he starts unfastening his trousers. “Ask Merlin.”

“Merlin, what’s his favourite?” Eggsy asks immediately, and Merlin has to fight back a smile at how eager he sounds.

“Maybe we should try everything on him and see how he reacts.”

“Yeah, I dunno, there’s some shit I reckon I’m gonna leave for just you two if that’s alright.” He taps his finger on the beautiful leather case holding electro sounds and pulls a grimace like the cringe emoji he peppers half of his texts with. “Make sure I’m out of the country before you start shoving spikes up his knob, yeah?”

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