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Headcanons for Harry and Merlin getting you a puppy for Christmas because you didn't get one in training because you're a techie?

  • Everyone in the Mansion all got a wrapped, boxed present, except you
  • Although you tried to not let it bother you much, you was still upset about it
  • You thought you at least deserved one present
  • Merlin and Harry came into your office, and told you to follow them
  • You was confused, but did so anyway, what could be worse than not getting a present for all your hard work?
  • When they led you into the main HQ meeting room, you couldn’t quite believe your eyes
  • On the table with a bow on its head, was a beagle puppy
  • “Is this mine”
  • You couldn’t believe it
  • When you was recruited, you never got a puppy, because you’re a techie
  • When they told you it was all yours, you could’ve cried tears of joy
  • This is one of the best presents you’d ever get

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Merlin filming

Until two years ago, Merlin was a starvation/heartworms backyard neglect case. He likes being a housepet now, but he’s always watching Yvaine to see what he’s supposed to be doing. She’s a social cues helper dog ;)

By watching what Yvaine is doing, Merlin can work out when he’s just going outside to potty, or going out on Sniff Patrol, or going to the car, or going to feed the Big Doggies. He can tell when I want their attention to do tricks. He can tell when we’re all settling down in one spot for a while. He can’t figure this out from watching me; it seems he just doesn’t have the context. But whatever we’re doing, I see him look at Yvaine, check for cues, then participate.

He’s iffy on words–starting to learn verbal commands at age 8 or so did not help at all. He does better with hand gestures. But sometimes he gets so fatigued, or excited, or agitated that he just can’t process them. Even then, he can still check to see what Yvaine is doing, and go from there.

She helps him be more secure, just by being there.


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Merlin filming