I’ve been thinking about Jackson a bit. He seems like a really happy kid. Entertaining with a great and humorous personality. But I hope he’s genuinely happy, despite being away from his family. Or having to practice till odd hours in the morning when he probably doesn’t want to. We all think of Jackson as a continuously happy guy, even though he’s looked quite tired lately. So I just hope he’s enjoying himself deep down inside. That the same way he makes us happy, that he’s finding his own happiness.

And this just doesn’t just go for Jackson, this goes for every Got7 member and artist out there.


I’m not crying u are


jungkook almost fell during just one day lmao

I really prefer guy groups because their mv’s are always so much better than girl group mv’s. There is always a story and acting and awesome choreography, while girl groups always depend on their sexy concepts, buts and boobs. I know there are some that don’t do that and I do support them.

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