left one is completely unedited, right one is fansite edited.

I don’t think whoever edited this was doing it just to make him paler considering the whole picture is pretty white, but the reason I’m posting this is because I keep seeing people saying things like “but idols are naturally that pale!” and it clearly isn’t true.
some idols are indeed really pale but I don’t think it’s even physically possible to be as pale as jonghyun is in the photo on the right.



I recently got flack from K-Pop fans for going to a local Korean restaurant for some (delicious!) Korean food. Like… really? Enjoying meals from another culture is appropriation now? People throw the words “koreaboo” and “appropriation” around too easily lately.

REQEST EXO REACTION when you perform at an award show

Anon: Could you please do a reaction when you do a surprising performence, lets say the Mama awards, where you sing “U&I” from Ailee with all the dancing and Show. And you are Kind of better then her (lolz its Not possible but lets pretend) but he didnt know you could sing at all.

I’ll try my best, lovely Anon ^-^



He would be partying hard and enjoy your performance as much as he can. Later on you’d see a fancam of him supporting you like a little fan-boy that he is.


He’d be completely paralized and would stop everything he was doing previously. Like in some kind of shock he just watches every little movement of yours.

Chen (imagine you’re Chanyeol)

Just as you were about to give an backstage interview after your performance, Chen comes running to you and applauds you non-stop not caring that he’s being filmed and interrupting you.


As you keep complaining about your performance because you think you cound have done better and should have practice more:


You practiced your dance routine together with Kai so as you show your performance he can’t help but to dance along. You guys always made sure to support each other and this is what he does.


“You know, now that I saw you, I want to perform that song too. Give me the lyrics and that dress you’re wearing and I’ll kick you from your throne in a second.”. Shortly after:


He’d be completly zoned out and only focusing on your performance. Everytime is like the first time he saw you on stage. He’s totally amazed and falling in love with you more and more.


I’m not being too obvious, right? I mean, I look like every other fan with a camera in my hand filming (y/n). Oh man who am I kidding. I’m sitting in the VIP-Lounge with a dozen of other idols and I’m the only one with a camera in my hands..


Not knowing what he’s doing he randomly stands up from his seat, eyes focused on you, everything else is blurred. Like in some kinds of trance he just watches you with a slight smile on his lips.


‘little school girl-mode on’ “Do you see how she swings those hips? And those high notes? And that sexy look? And how she-”

Sehun:”Suho hyung, will you shut up now?”


He was blown away by your voice and he couldn’t handle his feelings. Back at home you wouldn’t sing seriously and more like an over-dramatic old woman. So to hear you sing like that shoked him just like everyone else in this room.


He wouldn’t want to miss a thing so everytime his band members were talking he’d start to complain. “Would you guys stop? I can’t hear anything!”

i wont be surprised if Exo wins all the awards at the award shows again this year because they are releasing 20 albums on top of their other 20 already out. then fans are gonna try and say it was due to “talent” but me and you both know that SM is literally killing these boys due to harsh schedules and diets and other companies are going to start doing the same (which they already do) to make good sales and win awards, but kpop fans will still claim these awards come from “talent”. smh

Been thinking about this for a while now. But I just wish that people could be happy for their idols when they’re dating someone. Even if an idol takes a picture with someone of the opposite gender, you have people bashing them! People need to understand that the idols are human too, and that they deserve to be able to date, and have friends for the opposite gender too! If they’re friends, it doesn’t mean they’re dating!