It’s quite disappointing how when you look at the comments of the music video of any popular group, the only thing fans talk about is how many views it has, reaching another record, beating another groups record, or increasing the views in a certain amount of time. I mean, that’s fine and I know that you want your fave to get attention, but don’t let that take away from you actually appreciating the music. It doesn’t always have to be a competition. Take a break and enjoy the music instead of bashing each other. Music is made to enjoy. Not to argue over.

Victoria: *goes topless for magazine to raise breast cancer awareness*
Y'all: Whore

Luna: *wears ‘GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING’ panties on IG to promote a campaign that helps single mothers*
Y'all: Sulli is influencing her

Krystal: *goes topless for IDWLY because she wants to*
Y'all: Slut

Amber: *participates in like 20 charities*

Male Idols: *goes topless, humps the air, legit sings a song about sex for fame or just breathes*


When you’re not paying attention to him.

When you two are taking couple pics in public he acts like this because he’s a shy boy: “there’s too many people here.”

When he knows you’re video recording him:

When he’s outside waiting for you:

“Y/N, It’s really cold outside, don’t forget to bring your jacket.”

When you do something cute.

Your view when you’re checking him out.

When he’s checking you out:

When you’re about to kiss him.

When he’s mad at you:

When you please him (in other words, when you give him a blowjob):

When he takes pictures of you:

When he plays with your dog:

BTS Reaction to their GF Being Clingy/Needy Because She Is Feeling Down

Seokjin:- Jin would be extremely happy at all the attention he was getting from you

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Yoongi:- He would act like he was annoyed, but secretly he would enjoy it a lot and try to make you feel better

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Namjoon:- Joonie would do anything in his power to make you feel better, and he would try to be with you 25/8, but sometimes he would need his space to do his own things

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Hoseok:- Hobi would LOVE you being clingy because that would give him a chance to take care of you and spend unlimited time with you until you felt better

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Jimin:- He would be very cute about it, always asking if you wanted something and finding little ways to make you happy. He would never be upset or annoyed because he loved the fact that you needed him for something

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Taehyung:- TaeTae would always try to make you laugh and do silly things to lift you mood. Whatever you needed he was down to do for you

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Jungkook:- Kookie would be the one to get clingy right back. He would always be by your side and he would constantly ask if there was anything he could do for you

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