You?” You asked quickly, shoving your wrinkled park-map into your back pocket. “You’re Owen Grady?”

“You seem surprised.” He commented before propping an elbow against the bars between you.

“Yeah, I guess I just didn’t expect the raptor-guy to be so… Young.”

“Young raptor-guy, huh…?” He repeated. “That a bad thing?”

You shrugged and gripped the cage rods before pulling yourself up - now making you a good head taller than Owen - to sneak a peak at the animals behind him. “I suppose I was expecting you to be more of a seasoned, archaeologist-type.”

“Oh, I’m seasoned. I can guarantee you that.” He chuckled and shook his head. “Have you ever been to Jurassic World before?”

“Nope!” You answered with a smile, finally deciding to look down at him.

“Wanna see my raptors?”

“That’s why I’m here.” You winked.



Raptor Squad - Immortals

Inspired by my Photoshopped Pics

update: fixed the eyes comment, in my efforts to go ‘radicool’ with the design I accidentally got one feature right lol.

Producers: Look at all the money we’re making with the power of nostalgia and franchise milking!

Um, sir, but what about the generalized misinformation and inaccuracy in a sequel to a movie that had been instrumental in teaching the masses about mammals’ relationship with therapsids in the 90s? W-what about the kids?

Producers: Aaaah fak’em.


Sometimes we admire and look up to a brother. Sometimes we admire and look up to an educator. But, sometimes we admire and look up to a fictional character. Each one of those types of people can have huge impacts in our lives. 

When I was 14, J.P. was that person.

When I was 24, Bolin was that person.

When I was 25, Steven Universe was that person.

Whether we realize it or not, a positive male role model is very important in a man’s life. Even if that positive male role model is just a cartoon