update: fixed the eyes comment, in my efforts to go ‘radicool’ with the design I accidentally got one feature right lol.

Producers: Look at all the money we’re making with the power of nostalgia and franchise milking!

Um, sir, but what about the generalized misinformation and inaccuracy in a sequel to a movie that had been instrumental in teaching the masses about mammals’ relationship with therapsids in the 90s? W-what about the kids?

Producers: Aaaah fak’em.


You?” You asked quickly, shoving your wrinkled park-map into your back pocket. “You’re Owen Grady?”

“You seem surprised.” He commented before propping an elbow against the bars between you.

“Yeah, I guess I just didn’t expect the raptor-guy to be so… Young.”

“Young raptor-guy, huh…?” He repeated. “That a bad thing?”

You shrugged and gripped the cage rods before pulling yourself up - now making you a good head taller than Owen - to sneak a peak at the animals behind him. “I suppose I was expecting you to be more of a seasoned, archaeologist-type.”

“Oh, I’m seasoned. I can guarantee you that.” He chuckled and shook his head. “Have you ever been to Jurassic World before?”

“Nope!” You answered with a smile, finally deciding to look down at him.

“Wanna see my raptors?”

“That’s why I’m here.” You winked.



Delta…” You repeated, still unsure as you reached for her. “Can I touch her?”

“Go ahead.”

Your fingers dragged carefully over the raptor’s neck, causing the animal to snort and snarl in response. Barry was there, shushing her and running gentle strokes over her snout as you continued to pet her. “I guess he - she - doesn’t like me very much.”

“Raptors don’t usually like anyone.” Barry shrugged… “No matter how cute they are.”

You smiled and shook your head before playfully elbowing him in the ribs. “Flirt.”



Raptor Squad - Immortals

Inspired by my Photoshopped Pics


“Go! Go!” You all but screamed as you frantically beat your fist against the dash.

Ian gripped the wheel and slammed his foot to the pedal only to have the tires screech and skid through the slick mud. A rhythmic pounding echoed through the storm as two tyrannosaurs stomped past the tree line.

“Go!” You yelled again, now gripping the edge of your seat… “Ian, go!

“We’re stuck!” He barked back, jerking his gaze toward the window as the buck of the pair lowered his head to peer inside the car; baring his incredibly long, sharp teeth. Muttering a few curses, Ian kicked down against the pedal once more and then… Boom!

The car jolted forward after the female slammed her head against the rear bumper, breaking the back windshield in the process and knocking the vehicle far enough out of the muck-ridden ditch for the tires to grip solid ground.

Bracing yourself against the backrest, you pressed your palms to your forehead and breathed as Ian sped through the forest and away from the monstrous animals… It wasn’t until he gripped your shoulder that you realized he was talking.

“You okay, baby?” He repeated, still holding onto you.

“Yeah.” You nodded. “You?”


Ian grabbed your hand and held tight as he continued to drive through the trees.