For continuity’s sake, I need a good shorthand title for the volcanion movie, and here is my current shortlist:

  • Pokemon 3rd Degree Burns: The Movie
  • Pokemon Broken Ribs: The Movie
  • Pokemon Stuck Together Trope that was surprisingly well executed: The Movie
  • Pokemon DaVinci invented Steampunk: The Movie
  • Pokemon Ash Ketchum, The Human Yo-Yo: The Movie
  • Pokemon Pollen Allergies: The Movie
  • Pokemon This is why we don’t trust Cabinet Ministers: The Movie
  • Pokemon f-ASH-ion show: The Movie
  • Pokemon And that’s the last we’ll see of mega evolution: The Movie
  • Pokemon KALI MA: The Movie
  • Pokemon Perfect Zygarde stopped a poke-genocide yet no one even blinked a fucking eye: The Movie
Things change so easily it breaks my heart how impermanent everything is. Songs I loved get deleted off my playlist, and I outgrow clothes that used to fit me perfectly. I fall out of love with people and they fall out of love with me, too. I think that breaks my heart most of all. More than anything else, it breaks my heart to see how someone you would have died for becomes someone you cannot be bothered to text back.
—  // lily rose.