Fostered Prince Imagine...

((Okay, so, the discussion about Joffrey and Sansa gave me this idea and I’m working toward making it a series of relatable one shots…and I hope you all like it))

Ned Stark tells Robb and Jon that the King asked/demanded he foster Prince Joffrey at Winterfell (or, Ned asks Robb and Jon’s opinion on the matter).

Word Count: 1,221

Warnings: None…except Nedders being an adorable father!

Ned Stark couldn’t help but sit on the edge of the bed and watch his two sons sleep. Robb with those auburn curls he got from his mother and Jon with the dark brown curls he got from his mother; half-brothers who loved each other as much as Ned loved his own. Even after finding out his brother was a bastard, Robb still continued to treat him as if Jon was a Stark instead of a Snow. Ned thanked the old gods every day for giving his eldest child such a sweet, pure heart.

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“I want you to know what it’s like to love someone, to truly love someone, before I take her from you”…

Okay so in my Stark siblings + Sansa’s SOs headcanon I talked about Robb being overprotective about all the Starks and even though nobody cares I need to expand on this because I love thinking about it so: 

  • Ahem. He really has no shame in it he tries to act casual in conversation and let his questions come up naturally but he’s slipping in questions as un-subtly as possible and it’s the Worst™. 
  • He couldn’t figure out if Bran was interested in Jojen or Meera so he just interrogated them both. 
    • “I trust that your intentions are good?” “Uh…are you asking me or Jojen?” “I don’t know, who do you think I’m asking?” “What.” 
  • Rickon dates a few people here and there, but no one serious enough to bring home. 
    • He tries giving Rickon The Talk. Rickon walks out of the room. 
  • Robb is super standoffish to Gendry until Arya walks up to him and tells him to cut the shit out. 
    • “You know who’s fighting Gendry if he’s a jerk? Me. So chill out.” 
    • She also says that they’ll fight if Robb doesn’t chill and Robb knows that if he and Arya fight, Arya is winning, so he agrees. 
      • “Fine, but I don’t like it.” “Yeah that’s great I don’t care time to go on my date goodBYE.” 
  • He’s allowed to talk Sansa’s people as long as she gets to interrogate his, which really results in Theon being forced to talk to Sansa for about an hour. 
    • Robb was so floored by Margaery because every time he asked her a question she’d turn and ask him a question instead. 
    • “Don’t you think this is a bit dated? A bit sexist perhaps? She’s capable of making her own choices, after all.” “No, you see, I’m doing this to all of my siblings.” “So you just have a big brother complex?” “Yes exactly-wait what?” 
  • He interrogated Ygritte and it was the most frustrating thing ever. 
    • “Ygritte!!! I tried finding you on Facebook but I couldn’t. What’s your name on it?” “Ygritte. Just Ygritte.” “Really? Not even a last name?” “Yeah, actually. It’s ‘Fuck Off’.” 
    • What are your intentions with my brother?” “I want to fuck ‘im.” (He had to give her points for being honest.)