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Hazuki's Twitter - about the songs on SINNERS-EP
  • Hazuki: "SIN" Opening SE. Starting with a heavy cold beat, it changes into a main part with a violent tempo and an edgy fascination to it. Since our indies days for me a live opening for lynch. requires clapping 👏 This piece is full of Ryo's talent and brilliance ٩( ‘ω’ )و
  • Hazuki: With 140 characters I can't even bring across 1/3 of what I wanna say
  • [The next day]
  • Twitter User: What about today's song introduction??? ((╹◡╹))
  • Hazuki: Fuck!
  • Hazuki: "TRIGGER" Being the lead track this time, this is the completed darkLIGHTNING version I've hinted at so often. Rare for a lynch. song, this one is close to 6 minutes. All of the members got their highlight part in this... but it doesn't feel long at all. Lyrics are about until now and from now. To a new destiny!
  • Twitter User: TRIGGER... Is there some relation to LIGHTNINGS lyrics "Shoot out..."?
  • Hazuki: Wooooooowow!
  • Hazuki: My earphones fell into my tea #PVediting
  • Hazuki: PV is done ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
  • Hazuki: Today I didn't forget about the song introduction #yesterdayidid
  • Hazuki: "BLACK OUT DESTROY" That track is a tension max. livid extremely destructive piece from the start. The chorus and the bridge are really beautiful, but they aren't like an excuse to stick the other parts together, together with the story it comes together quite perfectly I think. I like the lyrics, SUCK OFF illusions.
  • Hazuki: Btw I handed in darkLIGHTNING as a candidate for the new single in 2012 but people around me told me it was shit so it was held back and became the origin of LIGHTNING. But I still liked it and I wanted to do it. I remade the chorus and the main riff and the development and it became TRIGGER. This time it was highly praised (fin.)
  • Hazuki: I often think "this turned into LIGHTNING". I often think "this turned into TRIGGER". My stomach hurts.
  • Twitter User: So it also happens that you're told something is shit...!? If you say you changed it that much there isn't much left of the original is there?
  • Hazuki: The verses are exactly the same. But there isn't a single trace of it in LIGHTNING.
  • Twitter User: Hazuki, the date already changed, what about yesterdays song introduction...☺️
  • Hazuki: Forgot it, right...
  • Hazuki: "KALEIDO" The melody was created around autumn last year already. It should have been worked at thoroughly together but we did SINNERS-EP in quite a hurry now. Lots of your beloved YSK's delays. The lyrics are about someone who passed away starting their journey and another one left behind still living. I didn't want to write such lyrics anymore but ironically enough it's beautiful.
  • Hazuki: Like that's a really good song #KALEIDO
  • Hazuki: "DIES IRAE" There was another band with a song called like this, it's fast and violent and just exists to inflict chaos at the lives, that's what I wanted to compose now... Perhaps the fastest lynch. song with 240 BPM this will destroy your neck. But the beginning is slow, it will make you anxious.
  • Hazuki: Is it okay to write about the last song now? #gotnothingtodo
  • Hazuki: "SORROW" Written by Ysk, it has been around since EVOKE but has been rearanged and brought to a worthy finish now, it's a mature rock ballad. The lyrics are written about the feelings of a certain somebody... even though the first part is about my own feelings. Regardless I think we hace composed a beautiful world.
  • Hazuki: In the beginning it was called yusuke_6 but after rearanging it it became SORROW. Well, it's a good song.
  • Hazuki: So since I'm going to sleep already all of you please go to sleep now, too - ready, set, go!
Yukke’s Line Blog Translation

UKA-Zepp DiverCity Tokyo-day1

2017/4/15 02:17

Yesterday was the first day of the tour final! Thank You! I was nervous and happy at the same time, what a night!

Today is the day of the last live! We get there in a blink of an eye. I enjoyed every moment of it, and have no regrets!

[girugamesh] Satoshi’s meal was delicious! Braised pork belly is a superb dish!

We are starting soon!!!!! Waaaahaaa!

Let’s make it unforgettable!


365 Day Music Challenge: Day 365
Girugamesh - Owari to mirai

notes: When I started this challenge 4 years ago (I’m such a lazy idiot) I would have never thought that I will finish it in a world where there is no giru anymore. But that’s reality and I’m so glad for all this amazing music and these fun memories! Great band, great music. Now and forever.