Caitlins follow 5ever Thursday because follow fridays are old news Part I

Kami is a perfect human being who deserves all of your loving and also if memory serves correct she invented the princess goalie scale so if that doesn’t scream follow me i don’t know what else will but she’s perfect so follow her

This is Meredith and she has an adorable face and she posts really quality things and oh man her url is pretty bad ass too and oh look she has great music taste go follow her so your ears can be privy to cool music posts

Reason number one like look at this boss url it’s freaking GIANTSMISFIT like okay perfect tumblr background is perfect and perfect tumblr is perfect there’s really no reason you wouldn’t like this blog unless youre a dodgers fan and in that case im kind of weirded out that youre even following me in the first place but don’t worry we can fix your taste in poor sports by you simply clicking the follow button on this blog that is perfection