A little help? ^_^

Does anybody know of any free web hosting sites?

The web hosting that I used for my blog theme/images has expired and it’s too expensive for me to renew for another year. Now my blog looks awful via a browser :(

I don’t need a lot of space, maybe 50mb or so. Surely there must be something out there!

Thank you for any suggestions. xoxox

Here’s that Ghibli movie flowchart I tweeted about making last week. I couldn’t decide which film to watch, so I drew this to help me choose, and in the end I didn’t have enough time to watch a movie anyway.


New Animated Short Shows Kiki 4 Years On

The animated advertisement for Cup Noodle features an exchange between the now 17 year old Kiki and Tombo after Kiki notices another girl at school has a crush on Tombo:

Kiki: “I’m going on ahead!”
Tombo: “Kiki, watch out!”
Kiki: “Huh?”
Narration: “I’m Kiki, 17 years old. Will I be able to deliver my feelings to him? Now, there’s magic in youth.”
Kiki: “Tombo, there’s something I have to give you.”
Tombo: “Kiki…”
Kiki: “I love you!”

After the last painting my hands were a bit damaged, so I wanted to do something a bit more free feeling. This was a nice exercise in mark making and trying to salvage texture in a digital painting. And yes, I fell in to the trap of thinking impressionism would be simple… but found out it was more than I bargained for xD

Based on the Monet painting “Woman with a Parasol”.