[Twitter] 2013/1/24
  • Sho: Aah, I wanna go to Arahabaki. [read: Akihabara]
  • Sho: Not for the maid cafes (LOL) But I'm kinda curious about them.
  • Rame (BFN): Not for the cafes but for the maids, right?(・Д・)ノ
  • Sho: Truth is, maid costumes are cute. But I feel like casting spells and all that nyan-nyan crap is completely unnecessary(´`) Maybe it's a tree fairy.
  • Sho: Maybe it's a tree fairy -> Maybe it's just me [*He made a typo. Both read as "ki no sei"]
  • Sho: Hmm, how about everyone in the shimote area dress up in maid costumes at lives?
  • Tohma: For real!!
  • Rame: That sounds lovely(*^_^*) When that happens, you and I both should wear maid costumes too*\(^o^)/* Anyway, follow back?
  • Sho: I'm not sure how you got out of my followers list(´`) Sorry... Anyway, Rame, go ahead, I'm sure you could pull it off. But there's no doubt that for me it'd be more like a "Meido". [*the word for "Hades" reads as meido/maid]
  • Rame: Cause I made a new account(*^_^*) You'd look lovely even as a Meido!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ It might even suit you surprisingly well.(^-^)/ Maids going to Hades!
  • Sho: I agree(´`) But I don't ever want to picture myself being ok with wearing maid clothing. That's just.... frightening.
  • Sho: It'd be nice to see the shimote area in maid costumes but still with that same madness (LOL) Mad maids.
  • Rame: You ought to find a new yourself ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Sho is the type of guy who can do anything if he tries.ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
  • Sho: Tohma, just please read between the lines.
  • Tohma: I just imagined you and me dressed in maid costumes during the live.
  • Yuuki (ex.UnsraW): GOSHUJINZAVER!!!!!!!!! GAGADDE GIDE GUDAZAiBAZEe!!!!!!! [*Proper Japanese for that would be "Goshujin-sama kaette kite kudasaimase" and means "Master, please come back again"]
  • Sho: For sure this is one maid who's got the same body type as Raoh(´`) [*Raoh is a muscular character from the manga Hokuto no Ken]
  • Yuuki: Ah, sorry, that maid from before was me. Be careful at the next live!
  • Sho: I'm strangely confident that I would look better than you, Tohma(´`) I mean, the fans in the audience!
  • Tohma: Yep! No doubt about that♪
  • Sho: You piss me off!
  • Toki (GALEYD): I want to see Sho in a maid costume! (LOL) An emo maid!
  • Sho: What, Toki? Even you! (LOL) An emo maid, that sounds like a new genre. I'll make humans around the world fall to the pits of Hell with my bass sounds. And pig tails!
  • Toki: Well shall we do it together then? (LOL) I'll do my hair in a ponytail! (LOL)
  • Cazqui (Nocturnal Bloodlust): I'll do my hair in a triple tail!
  • Sho: All I said is that I wanted to go to that place, I'd never have thought the maid talk would continue this far(´人`) I'm hungry now.
  • Sho: The 7-strings (cos)player is so wroooooooooong! Toki has one tail, me two and Cazqui three? What the fuck!
  • Toki: But if we go for extensions or wigs, they'd all come flying off during the first song so we'd end up with zero tail... (LOL)
  • Fan (to Tohma): You and Sho would both make stern maids(*´ω`*) If you wear a maid costume, please wear a wig( ´ o ` )"
  • Tohma: If that happens I'll do my hair Elvis-style.

[ダイジェスト] V.A.「V-ANIME ROCKS evolution」 Digest (por TOKUMAJAPAN)

「V-ANIME ROCKS evolution」
CD / TKCA-73994 / 3,000円(税込)

01. ヒカリへ (ONE PIECE)/ Royz
02. happily ever after (天元突破グレンラガン)/ GALEYD
03. 愛をとりもどせ!!(世紀末救世主伝説 北斗の拳)/ DaizyStripper
04. THE MEANING OF TRUTH (F-ZERO ファルコン伝説)/ Juri(ex.DELUHI)feat. Leda
05. アンバランスなKissをして (幽☆遊☆白書) / AYABIE
06. 魂のルフラン (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン劇場版 シト新生)/ A(エース)
07. ゲキテイ (檄!帝国華撃団)(サクラ大戦) / Kaya
08. ゆずれない願い (魔法騎士レイアース)/ THE BEETHOVEN
09. 輪舞-revolution (少女革命ウテナ)/ WING WORKS
10. Butter-Fly (デジモンアドベンチャー)/ FEST VAINQUEUR
11. the WORLD (DEATH NOTE)/ サウイフモノ
12. LOVEさりげなく (魔法の天使クリィミーマミ)/ SEX-ANDROID


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