a little continuation of yesterday’s april fools kagehina comic. my roommate loves daisuga and i mean, who doesn’t? this is also dumb.

daichi no, you’re doing it wrong right (he got the idea from kageyama)

kingofprovacation  asked:

Captain PDA headcannons?

fuck yeah

Daichi: Mild to medium PDA depending on the situation. He’s pretty affectionate just as it is so it’s very likely he’ll kiss your cheek or forehead in public but nothing too controversial. And sometimes if he’s feeling particularly daring, he’ll stroke your face before he kisses you deeply, glancing quickly after at the dude who has been staring at you for the last twenty minutes.

Oikawa: He is all over you all the time. It’s annoying so sometimes you’ll tell him to give you some space. But sometimes, you’re okay with it. And at that time, it’s hell for everyone else. You know that irritating couple that make out in a concert or in the queue for a rollercoaster? That’s your life now.

Kuroo: Mild PDA usually but this guy is melodramatic as fuck. So you might be walking down the road, hand in hand, one moment and you’ll say something laughingly like that you love him and suddenly he’ll grab your waist and dip you and lean in for a long deep kiss and grin and tell you he loves you too. And you’re laughing because what a fuckin dork but he picks you up and carries you bridal style the rest of the way.

Bokuto: Awful. Will slap your ass in public. Ready to make out whenever. Kisses your neck all the time. You gotta tell him to chill out because he is very slowly losing all his friends because they’re always making out what the fuck. There are no bad intentions though, he just wants everyone to know that the absolutely stunning lady he’s with is actually his.

Ushijima: No PDA. He’s very affectionate in private but he just doesn’t see the point in public. No one even knows you’re dating. Not because he’s trying to keep it a secret but because he’s so neutral around you. If you try to hold his hand he’ll look at you quizically and god damn your boyfriend can be so stupid sometimes.

Terushima: Contrary to popular belief, he’s pretty flustered around you in public. He doesn’t really know how to act and what’s okay and what isn’t so expect some shy hand holding and light kisses every now and again. He will most definitely ask for a kiss every time either of you enter or exit the room.