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[OSEN] What BTOB Achieved, What to be Achieved in Future

Article: [OSEN] What BTOB Achieved, What to be achieved in future

First No. 1 on digital music chart, potential proven. As BTOB concluded their promotion activity successfully, anticipation is higher on their next step. Did not win No. 1 on music broadcast but compared to trophy, their valuable potential been recognised is a success. 

BTOB released first album ‘Complete’ last 29th, active with promoting title song 'It’s Okay’. Above all, this time they entered No. 1 on digital music charts for the first time and showed their robust growth. As digital music charts reflect public appeal, BTOB’s high recognition can be assumed.

Especially 'It’s Okay’ been a ballad caught attention. Idol groups cannot easily attempt ballad. Even if they attempt ballad, they cannot easily put it up as title song. BTOB selected sensitive ballad amongst exciting and simply summer songs and recorded success. Focus on giving healing and consolation to this generation youth, the differentiation strategy achieved success. Compared to No. 1 on music broadcast, important BTOB’s existence been recognised is an important outcome. 

Together with album sale No. 1, fandom is consistently getting wider. Special donation event progressed and approached differentiation strategy. As popularity is getting higher, CF love calls continue. Recently, telecom provider’s roaming service CF filmed and also selected as models for famous uniform brand.

Of course, so-called ‘Yook Sungjae’s effect’ soundly influenced BTOB’s comeback this time. Yook Sungjae entered stardom through KBS 2TV drama 'Who Are you-School 2015’, participated in MBC variety program 'King of Mask SInger’ and 'We Got Married S4’. Interest in Yook Sungjae extended to BTOB’s popularity and achieved results. 

As promotion for their first album successfully concluded and anticipation and interest on their next step is also bigger. After a ballad song that received recognition for their robust singing ability, the kind of music, following members Jung Ilhoon and Im Hyunsik, Lee Minhyuk’s first composed song also included, all eyes on the maturing of their musicality in next album. How much more strength to raise confidently to stay No. 1 on digital music chart is also important.

Together with Yook Sungjae who drew attention for his acting and variety, Jung Ilhoon also appears on webtoon drama; one becomes more curious on members’ role outside music.

BTOB who is growing robustly, successfully used growth trend this time, all attention now on strengthening of their position 'Talented’ idol’s in next activity. 

Source: OSEN