“Some time ago, the IKON boys came here for us *\(^o^)/* We had the privilege of making a video commentary! Thank you♪ On-air scheduled for 10/4!”
ありがとうございました♪OAは10月4日予定です! (えいひれ)

It’s Just That... (Bobby)

Anonymous asked: Can I request a scenario where your a close friend of Bobby’s, then suddenly he starts to act weird around you, (like getting jealous) then confesses to you. (You can end it the way you want to)

Originally posted by junhoenuna

   Jiwon plopped down on the couch next to you, handing you the bowl of popcorn as he did. “So, what do you want to watch?”

   You frowned at him. “You already forgot? We have to keep going with the Rocky series!”

   “Oh…” he said, “Right.”

   You shook your head, tsk’ing loudly, which Jiwon ignored, opting instead to turn on the TV.

   Soon Rocky III was playing, and you were about a half hour into the movie when Hanbin walked into the living room of the dorm. “Hey!” you said, and he waved, asking,

   “How’s the movie?”

   “It’s Rocky; it’s great, duh,” you said and he laughed.

   “Fair point. Mind if I join you guys?”

   “Not at all!” you said, moving toward Jiwon a little to make more room for Hanbin.

   “Hey, can I have some of that?” Jiwon asked, taking the bowl of popcorn out of your lap. “You’re hogging it.”

   “No I’m not!” you said, taking a handful and stuffing it in your mouth.

   “Hey, I want some too,” Hanbin said, leaning over you to try to get to the popcorn, but Jiwon pulled it too far away for Hanbin to reach.

   “There’s not enough for you,” he said, sticking out his tongue at Hanbin. “If you want some, you’re going to have to go make it. Also, sit up; I think you’re smashing her.”

   Hanbin obeyed, saying apologetically, “Was I?”

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Chen & Bobby and leaks...

EXO’s Chen must be quite upset since pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend were leaked by a friend of the girl.

G-Dragon recently experienced a hacker violating his privacy, but it seems more and more people cross that line and expose private pictures.
Another case would be iKON’s Bobby, who went to a club and took a picture with a girl, which then was leaked by someone.


thank you for the 365 proper days we’ve journeyed through together.
at times, it hurts to think that the 7 of you do not get proper rest, or get to lead lives like others of your age, but i’m glad you are doing something with passion and chasing your dreams.
please stay happy and healthy, don’t ever lose those genuinely sweet smiles.

7 boys, 8 MVs, 24 concerts;
it’s 1 year, with iKON.