Hollow Point

Date: March 28, 2017
Art: Juujishou (@vosteium)
Story: @gunnerpalace
Beta: @synoshian, @sequencefairy, @duckiesteasmiles
Chapters: 3 (unfinished)
Word Count: ≈17,800
Rating: M (likely future E)
Genres: romance, thriller, action, crime, drama
Warnings: blood, violence, angst, trauma

Summary: United States Air Force A1C Ichigo Kurosaki wanted to get away. Against all odds he’s assigned to Security Forces at Yokota Air Base, under an hour from home. Seirei-gumi Yakuza family “Older Sister” Rukia Kuchiki wanted to fit in. Dispatched to Karakura, she discovers a plot to overturn Japan’s criminal underworld. Their chance meeting is anything but, and they’ll only survive the web of lies cast over Tokyo’s concrete jungle by sticking together.

Notes: This is the start of a (long) retelling of the series within a realistic (non-fantasy/supernatural) setting. You can read the notes if you’d like (1, 2, 3) although you’re warned that there are spoilers of upcoming events and some of the information is out of date. Big shout out to my artist and beta readers, you’ve all been lovely and I couldn’t have done it without you guys! And thank you to IRBB chat for the positive encouragement!

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Chapter 1: Neon Rain

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Neon rain fell in sporadic sheets, always hot. Asphalt steamed, glowing with rippling prismatic bands. Every color of the rainbow coruscated, glinting off umbrellas—mostly clear plastic—that hurried to and fro.

A white and lilac wagasa parasol advanced steadily through the bustle. It bore an unseasonable lunar crescent of snowflakes and was lit from below by carefully concealed soft white LEDs.

Rukia strode beneath it with poise and grace, immune to the heat and humidity. Civilians flowed by her on instinct, like schools of fish about a predator. She wore a Western-style two-piece suit—a black jacket and slacks—and the collar of her white blouse rested open above the former’s lapels.

To all appearances she made for a plausible—if rather short—office lady, yet her bearing alone suggested something was off. If one looked carefully, her dress shoes hinted at the story. However, the wagasa, and especially the oversized pink pair of almost-oval shades she had on, really advertised what she was—the street was lit up, but the sun had set almost two hours before.

It wasn’t long before she passed yet another nondescript alleyway leading off the thoroughfare. Her shoes splashed in a puddle that echoed in optical riot as she halted. She turned and trekked into the gloom, taking off her sunglasses and letting her parasol light the way. It was soon the only source of illumination, silhouetting her as she disappeared around a corner and vanished from the night.

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Hello. I'm not sure if you are still taking requests for the color palette challenge, but could you draw Hisana in 19?

Sooooorryyyyy;;; This started as some happy-beautiful-Hisana but then baby Rukia appeared out of nowhere and now it’s slightly more dramatic than it was supposed to be lol

tldr; I made myself sad lmao

So the colours are somewhat off-topic with the motive, I hope you still like it!! I loved Hisana as a request, thank you so much!!! X3

It’s In the Madness

In every darkness, there is light.

In every madness, there is love.

In every  e n d i n g, there is a  B E G I N N I N G.


He retreats within himself, and insanity says hello
Fits of rage fling him into darkness
She runs from herself with nowhere in mind to go
Piles of secrets impatiently wait to come into the light
There’s a bit of madness in the both of them

Ichigo Kurosaki, a recent high school graduate, has suffered from something that cannot be explained since his childhood. Recently, he’s been unable to contain his fits of violent rage. Blackouts and too many blanks to fill leave him questioning his sanity. He only recalls flashes of a dangerous other side of himself when he comes to. He is referred to a psychiatrist, Dr. Rukia Kuchiki, a young woman on the run from her mysterious past. A relationship beyond that of a doctor and patient develops between them.

Read it on AO3 [here

Warnings: AU but semi-canon compliant (semi in the least of things), mental health issues, major character death, NSFW. This chapter depicts sex that gets out of hand and blurs the line of consensual. 

The amazing work of art above is by @asdfghjaydee! No lie, she sent it to me and I cried. Thank you so much for being my partner! I am blessed!

This is my submission for the IchirukI Big Bang! Special thanks to the organizers of this event. Much love to all of the other writers and artists that have made this such a wonderful experience. I have struggled with this fic and fought with this thing! This is just the first chapter. I’ll post the others later today when I get home from work. I hope that you all enjoy it, and as always, thanks so much for reading!

Chapter One: I’m Not Crazy

“Did I do anything last night that suggested I was sane?”

― Terry Pratchett, Going Postal

Anxiety wakes Ichigo Kurosaki up every morning and tucks him into bed at night. It’s been this way since his mother shielded him with her own body so that he might escape danger, and live. He begged his father to pick him up from the dōjō that day, desiring just a bit of the affection the old man showed his little sisters. Isshin refused, preferring to get Yuzu and Karin home safely from their respective extracurricular activities. There are times when Ichigo thinks his father hates him. He hardly knows him. Shades of gray cloud Isshin’s past. This fact remains tucked away in the corners of Ichigo’s thoughts like a predator in wait. 

Masaki had come to get him instead, and Ichigo didn’t mind. Her smile illuminated even a rainy day. The other kids gravitated towards her. Many of them had longing eyes that wished they could trade places with him. Ichigo pushed through them, pressing towards his mother’s light, needing her embrace. He’d lost to Tatsuki again, but none of the earlier parts of the day mattered. Isshin’s coldness didn’t matter. She smothered everything with her brilliance, making sadness a ridiculous thing in her presence.

But the world had taken her too quickly, and raindrops beat on Ichigo’s head like palms against a drum. Her body was cold and bloody, and he lay beneath her longer than he should have, hoping for the pound of her heart to rouse him from this dream, but there was nothing but the rain.

When missing his mother makes it impossible for him to breathe, and the night opens itself up to nothing but fear and terror, Ichigo remembers the way her head tilted to the side, how her eyes slitted into downcast crescent moons when she smiled, the rosy tint of her lips, and the way they moved when she called his name, face shining as bright as the sun. 

He places her memory under lock and key, keeping it near his heart so that he can draw strength from it like a security blanket, but the madness is stronger. It is always stronger. Ragged rips and tiny cracks scar his soul, and Ichigo thinks that if he can just remember his mother as she was, the agony will let up, but when he reaches for thoughts of her protecting him, making him laugh, and promising to never leave – each time he stretches forth his hand, he’s met by a pale, ghostly finger that wags at him and keeps him just outside of his right mind. His mother’s light cannot drive out this darkness. Everything fades to black.

It’s like he transforms, becoming someone else. No, something else. Something without a heart that operates on the instinct of being everything other than what he’s carefully crafted himself to be. Ichigo’s felt ostracized all his life. It’s the color of his hair, the way his eyebrows come together and his lips curve south.

People want you walking around every second of every day with a smile on your face to make them comfortable, to perpetuate the illusion that everything is fine. 

He’s only ever wanted to find his place, but life and its users tend to weigh him down with so much shit that he hardly knows if he’s coming or going. He’s acted out the script; graduating high school, being accepted into university, and doing the very best that he can, but he struggles to understand why good grades and an immaculate record even matter when people insist on picking him apart in the recesses of their ugly minds, and vomiting their expectations of him out of the sides of their crooked, faithless mouths.

It seems that everyone wishes nothing more than for him to be someone else. None of them have ever taken the time to genuinely get to know him, to decipher the beats of his heart or the dreams that rest on the horizon of his mind’s eye like clouds, but Ichigo knows that it’s useless to assign blame. He doesn’t even know who he is. Something infects him, and he’s certain that this thing isn’t close to what anyone would like him to be. Maybe it’s well past the time for security blankets.

He smiles.

The thing inside of him commits horrible acts with a Glasgow grin on its face. Usually, there is hardly a handful of moments before Ichigo betrays what he thinks he stands for, and is left wading through the seas of his restless soul. Sometimes the madness is subtle like the time he instilled the fear of God into a reckless driver that cut him off as he exited the highway. He pursued the owner of the rickety vehicle to his destination at a nearby service station, and chilled the short, homely looking man to his bones when he confronted him. The episode left Ichigo shaken and tightly wound after he returned to himself, wondering when he’d lost it. No harm had come to the man, causing Ichigo to reason that it couldn’t have been anything more than severe frustration that inspired his behavior. This is the easiest falsehood to tell himself when his memory is an ebony haze of slick-as-oil details he’s unable to hold onto. However, when he does remember the plaguing singularities of what he’s done, and the action replays in his mind in slow motion, he curses the heavens and the day he was born.

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It’s the Shonen Jump Shop’s anniversary fair, and the first 50 customers at each store each day of the fair will receive a character sticker.

Only on 4/9 will the first 50 customers receive an ichiruki sticker. I know I said I’d go get one, but I’m not going to wait in line for a sticker and some playing cards I don’t want.

Also. How dare they? How dare Kubo??? I wish they’d stop exploiting ichiruki for money and promote the canon catastrophes instead. That way Bleach would die and we could all move on properly.

Ichiruki will live on in our hearts instead.

Funnily enough, it says, “アニバーサリーフェアおすすめ新商品 - anniversary fair reccomended new product” are the playing cards, but I know for a fact that the playing cards have been in the Jump stores since at least last August, just before 686 was released. They’re just trying to get rid of the last of the Bleach products. I suspect they may be trying to clear everything out since the Live Action movie will come out next year and there will be a corresponding release of new merchandise, but to call these playing cards new is just straight up laughable.

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(Positive anon) Hello! I'm here to spread positivity to the ichiruki community! Your art is outstanding! I really love how you draw ichiruki! I always love how you draw them together! Thank you for making this fandom great with your beautiful art!

Thank you so much! It’s nice to have positive anons in my inbox. And as a thank you, here!