Avengers Preferences #1 | Nicknames

Summary: Like the title says, just nicknames that you and your SO have for each other.

Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, Peter Quill, Natasha Romanoff,  Loki Laufeyson, Bucky Barnes, Reader

Word Count: 1,016

Author’s Note: *takes a deep breath* ASDFGHJKJGDFGHJJGFDCVBEFHSBEUYFEWBRIQGWCBUEG That was me freaking out because Midnight Snack got so much love! And mind you beautiful people that it was my first Marvel post on Tumblr. Right now it has 11 notes, and they’re the most tear-jerking notes I’ve ever received. I love you all so much, and you make me smile! Feedback is most appreciated.

Tony Stark

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Tony’s nickname for you is beautiful, because he really does think you’re beautiful. If not on the outside, definitely on the inside. He knows he can be unbearable at times, and the fact that no matter what, you’re always there to kiss his cheek and tell him you love him makes you the most beautiful person in the world to him. He doesn’t care if the tabloids don’t like you on his arm, because they aren’t the ones that make him feel like the only person in the world.

Your nickname for him is, simply enough, babe. It’s a term of endearment that Tony never thought he’d be able to hear, and the fact that you say it to him without even thinking makes him think that maybe, he can be loved.

Steve Rogers

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Doll, doll face, darling, sweetheart. Oh, I’m sorry. They used other nicknames than just those in the forties? Fine, he calls you those too. Since Steve went from the 40′s straight to now, there was really no room for his vocabulary to get updated. And since he’d never been in a relationship of any sort before, he could never call you just one of those things. He can’t decide, since you’re all of those things to him.

Maybe it’s a little obvious, but you call him Captain. Of course, so does the rest of the team. But they don’t have your sweet voice. They don’t kiss him when they say it. And believe me, they’ve tried. Sam was so close, too!

Clint Barton

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He calls you babe. He’s never been one for super meaningful nicknames, and you wouldn’t have it any other way, because that’s what you are to him. His babe. 

You call him Robin Hood, for obvious reasons. The nickname didn’t occur to you until Tony called him Legolas and you thought it was fitting. The more you thought about the nickname, the more nicknames you thought of. You felt that Clint and Robin Hood have many a similarity, and he thought it was cute when you said it the first time.

Loki Laufeyson

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His nickname for you is Rose Bud. The first time he said it, he had said, “If you do that, you’ll get hurt my rose bud.” His eyes were as worried and caring as you’d ever seen them, and he was quickly able to recognize your face of content. He calls you rose bud because to him, you’ll always be as soft and fragile as an innocent little rose bud.

Your nickname for him is My Grace. Though he can’t tell you enough times that he and you are both equals, you still refer to him by this name. While you have slowly begun to believe that you and a prince that’s pretending to be a king are equal, you could never stop calling him that. Not only that, but one of Loki’s greatest attributes is grace. Especially when it comes to words and schemes.

Thor Odinson

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His nickname for you is Princess. That is what you are, after all. Not only that, but since you are Thor’s princess, you’re an Asgardian princess. And of course, he treats you like a princess. Whether it’s a random bouquet of flowers or a massage, he makes sure all of your needs, not matter how little, are fulfilled.

You call him Darling. He really is, in every aspect, a darling. Your darling. He gives you piggyback rides when you can’t walk anymore. He swallows his pride and buys you tampons when it’s that time of the month. He loves to hear the Midgardian term of endearment roll off your tongue, and can’t hold back a grin when you do.

Peter Quill

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He likes to call you baby. It’s a common term from his home planet that he remembers his dad calling his mother a lot. Since his parents seemed to love each other so much, he figured it’d work when he said it to you. And it did. He always calls you baby with a smile, and always accompanies the smile with a kiss somewhere on your face.

Your nickname for him is Petey. At first, you were only teasing him. But then it slipped into a conversation. And then it slipped again. So now, whenever you’re talking to him, you’ll almost always call him Petey. He’s never once showed you any dismay towards the name. In fact, he’s said that when it comes to you, he prefers it.

Natasha Romanoff

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Her nickname for you is дорогой (dorogoy), which is Russian for my dear. You love it when she speaks Russian, because with her voice, it’s a sweet language that makes her eye twinkle. She may not have the most fond memories of Russia, but she had fallen in love with it’s culture, just like she fell in love with you.

Your nickname for her is Nattie. Of course, it doesn’t seem to be much of a nickname. Just a shortened version of her name. But it became your ‘thing’ the moment she refused to let anybody but you call her that. She’s possessive when it comes to you and things between you and her, so the second Clint tried to call her Nattie, he was given a very firm and threatening warning before his dead body would be lost and never found.

James “Bucky” Barnes

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He, unsurprisingly, calls you Doll. Like Steve, the Winter Soldier may have truly lived through the time between the 40′s and now, but Bucky could never let go of the 40′s. So with his Brooklyn accent, he’d call you doll, and it melts your heart every time.

You call him Sergeant. Just like all of the fan fiction says, Bucky loves it when you call him that. Not only does it remind him of his time, but it reminds him of Bucky, the man before The Winter Soldier. Hearing the words bubble from your lips makes him feel like a little more than just a monster.

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Soldier- Bucky Barnes

Character: Bucky Barnes


“You’re mine.”

“You need help, damn it. Just let me do the right thing and help you.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”

“Out of everyone you could’ve chosen, why’d you pick me?”

There was something about him. Something about the way he watched me.

Warnings: Brace yourself, kids. The smut is coming! ;) Although it doesn’t happen until the very, very end and I’m not gonna lie…I got a little carried away and it got vivid. But I love Bucky and I love this request and once again, had the best time writing it. Enjoy! Send more requests!

There was something about him. Something about the way he watched me.

I felt his eyes on me the minute I walked into the room, although I would’ve noticed him regardless. There was something about Bucky Barnes that made it impossible not to notice him. Maybe to anyone else, his presence would’ve been nothing more than background noise…despite the fact that he hardly ever seemed to say a word. To me, his presence seemed to take up an entire room. This sad, broken man trapped in the body of a solider. Of a weapon. A machine. This was how I often heard him described, but I knew that wasn’t true.

Ever since Bucky had been taken in by SHEILD, under the watchful eye of Captain Rogers, I saw him for what he truly was. A lost soul. I’d been drawn to him from the very beginning. Intrigued, more than what I knew was good for me. Still, I couldn’t help it. There was something about him. Something about the way he watched me. I wasn’t the only one who was curious. Even now, after months of careful, tentative friendship, he still watched me like he hadn’t quite figured me out yet. The feeling was mutual.

“You needed to see me, Stark?” I asked, announcing my presence.

“Glad you could join us, doc!” Tony said spreading his arms out in welcome. He was standing at the head of one of the long conference tables, the rest of the Avengers spread out around him.

“And what do I owe this pleasure to? And better make it quick, Steel Man. I got piles of paperwork to file downstairs.” I quipped, leaning against the table with my arms crossed.

“Iron Man.” Tony corrected, giving me a pout. “Geesh, you think you would’ve caught on by now.”

I rolled my eyes before catching the eye of Steve who gave me a little sheepish grin.

“I have, I just like pushing your buttons.” I admitted, flashing Stark a grin.

“Cold.” He murmured, shaking his head. He pulled out his phone, fingertips gliding easily across the screen. “We need you to clear Agent Bird Boy here for combat. Gotta big one today and unfortunately can’t play without all our team members on board.” He clapped Clint Barton on the shoulder, who looked nano-seconds away from punching Tony in his smug face.

I fought back a grin and moved around the table to the agent. “Mind if I take a look?” I asked Clint.

He shrugged. “Be my guest.” He held out his arm for me, wincing a little as I began kneading the muscle of his bicep.

“Still tender I take it?” I asked quietly, as the rest of the team went back to talking amongst themselves, Tony pulling up diagrams and maps on the screen in front of the room that made little to no sense to me.

Clint smirked at me. “If I said yes, would you still clear me?”

I perked an eyebrow. “If I said no, would it stop you?”

“Touche, doctor. Touche.”

I laughed under my breath, feeling along the joints of his shoulder. I lifted my eyes to look across the table, where Bucky was watching me. I gave him a tiny, shy smile and was surprised when corner of his mouth quirked up, smiling back. I ducked my head, cheeks growing warm. Damn that Winter Solider. Being good looking was one thing, but mysterious and good looking? A deadly combination.

“Well, what’s the verdict? Can we take him out to play, Karon?” Natasha asked, swiveling her chair to face me. She gave Clint a teasing smile.

I dropped the archer’s arm and stepped back. “Any serious stiffness or weakness since you strained it?”

He shook his head. “Nope.”

I rolled my eyes, knowing full well he was lying. “Fine, he can go. Under the condition that he stretches before going out in the field and ices his shoulder immediately when he gets back. Deal?”

He shot me a thumbs up. “You got it, doc.”

“What this mission anyways?” I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me as I crossed my arms over my chest and stepped closer to the monitor. It immediately went black and I whirled around to see Tony grinning at me apologetically, the remote in his hands.

“Sorry, sweetheart. Classified.”

I scowled at him. “Fine, Stark. Just please, try not to kill yourselves out there. I’m running out of pain meds and ice packs.”

There was a murmur of agreement throughout the room. On my way out the door, I couldn’t stop myself from pausing and trailing my hand across Bucky’s broad shoulder, getting his attention. He glanced up at me with a frown, those brilliant blue eyes burning a hole through me. “Be careful out there, solider.” I murmured.

He hesitated a moment before nodding, then grabbed my hand and squeezing it once. His touch sent a thrill through me, and I left the room before anyone could notice.


For once, I hadn’t been exaggerating when I’d told Tony I had mountains of paper work to do. While working for SHEILD and the Avengers certainly was exciting and kept me busy, it also resulted in a lot of filing considering how often they were getting hurt out there. They always bounced back like it was nothing, though. Which then made me feel like a wuss every time I stubbed my toe and rolled around on the floor like it was the end of the world.

I let out a groan, pushing my dark hair back behind my ear before rubbing tiredly at my eyes. I glanced down at my watch and made a face when I realized I’d been at it for hours. All I wanted to do now was scarf down some dinner and disappear into my room, with my canvasses and paints. The team hadn’t returned yet, though. I chewed on my lower lip, feeling worried…the same way I did every time they all went on a mission and didn’t come back until hours, sometimes days later. At this rate, I was going to add at least an extra decade onto my life due to all the worrying I was doing. This is what happens, though, when you get too attached to a group of super humans bent on saving the world. Particularly one blue eyed, metal armed hero with a complex.

I began doodling absentmindedly on a corner of one of my files, daydreaming about the leftovers in my fridge. I nearly had a heart attack right then and there when the door to the clinic flew open and Steve stumbled in, Bucky’s arm draped over his shoulder.

A lump formed in my throat as I nearly fell out of my seat in my hurry to get to them. “What the hell happened!?” I demanded, circling them both as I looked for the source of the injury and half fearing what I would find.

“I’m fine, Karon.” Bucky mumbled, grimacing a little as Steve helped him sit down on the edge of one of the hospital beds. He was pale and dirty, hair falling over his eyes and hiding them partially from view. Steve didn’t look much better, though, areas of his suit singed and torn.

“Christ, are you alright? Is anyone else-” I asked, immediately spotting the growing red stain bleeding through the fabric of Bucky’s shirt.

“We’re all okay, Kar…Bucky got the worst of it. Probably gonna need stitched up. I gotta go meet with Fury, but take care of him. Alright?” Steve said and I nodded, chewing the inside of my cheek as I hurried to the cabinet behind me and began pulling supplies out and placing them onto a metal tray. The minute the door had swung shut, Bucky spoke up.

“I don’t need help, I’m fine.” He insisted gruffly.

I ignored him, mind going about a thousand miles a minute as I whirled around and wheeled a table over so I could begin working. “You’re gonna need to take off your shirt. What is it? Stab wound? Gun shot?” I asked, reaching for the hem of his shirt when Bucky’s hands suddenly wrapped around my wrists and pushed my hands away.

“Stop, Karon! I said I’m fine! I don’t need your damn help!” His voice rose, shouting on the last word. His eyes blazed with an intensity I hadn’t seen, but only heard of. I realized he was shaking. His touch was like fire against my skin and I wondered if he felt it as he hastily let go of me and moved to stand up. He towered over me, despite the fact that I was tall myself. Still my 5'10" had nothing on his 6'0" stature…my eyes were barely level with his chin.

I felt my stubborn streak ignite and I held out a hand. “You sit your ass down, Agent Barnes.” I ordered. His eyes flashed and I wondered why he was fighting this, fighting me, so hard. When another long few seconds had gone by and he made no move, I drew myself up taller and pressed my hands against his solid chest and pushed him back down. Or tried anyways. He didn’t move.

“Okay, look.” I said in a low voice, crossing my arms over my chest in an attempt to make myself look tough. Which was hard considering who I was competing against. “You need help, damn it. So just let me do the right thing and help you! Please, Bucky!” I drew in a deep breath and tried to settle down. “Please.”

I could see the conflict in his eyes, and I wondered what sort of battle was going on inside his head. Finally, though, he let out a huff and dropped back down onto the edge of the bed. I cheered a silent victory in my head.

“Now,” I began. “Shirt off.”

He raised his eyebrows at me before doing what I said, and pulling his shirt up and over his head. He discarded it on the empty bed next to him and I tried and failed not to stare at his naked torso. I’d seen my fair share of muscles, in a completely professional stand point anyways. Between Clint, Steve, and Tony, rippled abdominals were not in short supply. Still, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at Bucky. He was riddled in scars, some old and some new. Fresh bruises were beginning to form underneath and around his ribs. I could feel his eyes on me, watching me again. Against my better judgement, I looked up at him. The intensity had dimmed, although now it felt different. That and the curiosity was back. I cleared my throat and hurriedly began cleaning up the blood around the wound just across his right pectoral.

“Knife wound.” He said quietly, and it took me a minute to realize he was answering my question from earlier. “Not the worst I’ve had.”

“Is this one of those ‘you should see the other guy’ scenarios?” I joked weakly, using a q-tip to rub some antibacterial gel over the deep cut.

“He’s dead.” He murmured, without missing a beat.

I faltered for only a moment before continuing what I was doing. Was that why he was in this mood? “Bucky,” I began quietly. “Out there, it’s you or them. You do what you have to do to survive.”

“You don’t understand.” He began, shaking his head. “It wasn’t always about survival…what I used to do…what I was before-”

Before I could stop myself, I was cupping his face in my hand and forcing him to look at me. “Was before. What matters is now. That wasn’t you, James. Not the real you.” I whispered, my eyes searching his. I felt as if my heart could break as I looked at him. I knew, even as I was saying it, he didn’t quite believe me.

“I don’t know who the real me is.”

I gave him a tentative smile. “You will. One of these days.” I let my hands drop back down and grabbed the needle of anesthetic from the tray. “It’s pretty deep so I’m just going to go ahead and stitch it up. This should help with the pain-”

Bucky grabbed my wrist again, eyeing the syringe wearily. “No needles.”

I nodded and he released me. I set the anesthetic back down, feeling a stab of hatred for Hydra and what they had done to the man in front of me. More than that, though, I felt my heart aching for him.

“This isn’t going to feel good.” I warned, as I reached for the needle and surgical thread.

Bucky gave me a fleeting smile. “I think I’ll survive.”

I worked in silence, trying my best to concentrate solely on what I was doing, but it was difficult with Bucky’s eyes on me. I couldn’t explain why I was so aware of him. There was just something about his gaze that made me feel bare, like there was nothing I could hide from him. I’d never had anyone in my entire life pay such close attention to me before. It was equal parts nerve wrecking and exciting, as I had no idea what to make of it or of my strange friendship with Bucky in general.

When I’d finished, I carefully bandaged my work and sat back. I gave him a smile. “All done, soldier. Although, I’d take it easy for a few days. And make sure you change that bandage.”

I stood up from my stool and began to turn away but Bucky grabbed my arm and I gave him a puzzled look, turning back around.

“Thank you.” He finally said after a long moment of silence.

I nodded slowly. Then, before I could really think about what I was doing, I was moving closer. I positioned myself between his knees, almost eye level with him from where he was sitting. Tentatively, I reached out a hand and pushed his hair back away from his face. I waited for him to stop me, but he was sitting incredibly still. The atmosphere in the room had slowly shifted and for whatever reason, my heart was beating faster than I would’ve like it to.

His hands suddenly came to my waist, drawing me closer. I couldn’t suppressed my surprised gasp as his fingers dug into my sides. I moved slowly, as if afraid I’d spook him if I moved too fast, and slipped my arms around his neck, my fingers sliding into his dark hair. His head tilted just slightly, his eyes flickering towards mine. The conflict there was more prominent than ever, and despite this, I leaned closer to him suddenly overcome with the urge to kiss him, to wrap myself up in him.

“Karon.” He murmured, his husky voice part warning and part something else that sounded a lot like wanting. “We can’t. I can’t.”

“Why not?” I asked, although not entirely sure what he meant, just knowing that I didn’t like it.

He sighed and pulled away from just as drastically as he’d pulled me close. He grabbed my arms and pressed them back to my sides. “Because of who I am.”

He stood up, forcing me to take a few steps back and I struggled for words as he grabbed his shirt and pulled it on. With one last look over his shoulder, he left the clinic and the door swung shut behind him. I sank down onto the now empty bed, running both my hands through my hair.

“What the hell just happened?” I muttered to myself, shaking my head in disbelief. Yet a part of me knew exactly what had happened…I’d wanted to kiss him. I’d wanted him. Hadn’t a part of me always known that? Didn’t that explain my hyper awareness of him? Why my eyes always sought him out first in a room full of people? Yet his reaction, his leaving, had quickly extinguished any hope of something happening. I shook my head, and simultaneously tried to shake off the feeling of his hands on my waist.

Yet it was much more difficult than it sounded.


At some point in time, I’d managed to clean up the clinic, file my papers, and head back to my room while all in a complete and total daze. All thanks to the Winter Solider, of course, who I now couldn’t stop thinking about for the life of me. My distraction before was nothing compared to what it was now. I pushed my food around absentmindedly on my plate, and with my opposite hand shaded and sketched and added to the half-finished drawing in front of me. I sat back, legs tucked up underneath me on the chair, and admired my work. My admiration quickly turned into a frown, though, as I realized I had no clue what I’d even been attempting to create.

There was suddenly a knock at the door, startling me enough to make me jump. I spun around and crossed the room to the door, wondering who in the world would be needing me this late at night. I chewed my lip, hoping there wasn’t some sort of emergency I somehow hadn’t been made aware of. Yet, as I pulled open the door and saw who was standing behind it, I couldn’t stop my eyes from widening in shock. I suddenly felt self-conscious in my pajama shorts and tank top.

“Bucky? What are you doing here?” I asked, leaning against the door frame.

He looked different out of his uniform, dressed in a pair of dark denim jeans, brown work boots, and a deep blue colored v-neck shirt. He looked good.

He ran one hand through his hair, stalling for a moment. “Old Bucky was good at this sort of thing…I’m not.”

I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head. “Good at what? Not following.”

He took a breath and started again. “In the clinic…I didn’t mean to push you away, but you have to understand. The things that I’ve done, I’m not proud. And I know it technically wasn’t me, but at the same time it was. It was my hand pulling the trigger, and I was there each time somebody died. My mission was to kill, Karon.” The last sentence was no more than a whisper. “Old Bucky was good at talking to woman, at acting on what he felt. I think you know that I care about you, but that scares the hell out of me. Most days I feel like a monster…I’m not your best choice.”

I stood frozen at the door, at a complete and total loss for words. It took me a moment to realize what he was saying and even then, it took another moment to process it. Bucky cared about me. And despite everything that he was saying, that a part of him was truly trying to talk me out of caring about him back, he was about two months too late. I stepped out into the hallway and grabbed his hand, running my thumb across his knuckles. “You’re not a monster, Buck.”

Then, I stepped closer to him and wrapped my arms around his neck for the second time that day. Only this time time, he didn’t pull away. His hands found their way to my lower back, and then he was ducking his head and meeting me halfway. His lips brushed against mine, tentatively. I savored the softness of his lips, sighing against his mouth and wondering how so much time had passed without me fully realizing that this, Bucky, was exactly what I wanted. His hands drew me closer, sneaking beneath the hem of my tank top. I shivered as the cool metal of his hand brushed against my bare skin. I gripped him tighter and pressed myself against him, and the hesitation slowly vanished until his mouth was moving against mine in a slow, purposeful kiss that made my knees feel like jelly. I threaded my fingers through his hair and tugged gently, earning a soft groan from his mouth. Somehow, it still wasn’t enough.

I pulled away from him and his eyes opened. I felt myself flush when I saw the pure, undeniable want in his eyes and wondered if he saw the same thing in mine. “You wanna come inside, soldier?” I said softly, a mischievous smile flitting about my lips. My stomach tightened when he flashed me an incredibly rare grin that was so natural, I knew without a doubt that it was something the old Bucky wore often.

He bent his head and my eyes fluttered shut as his lips grazed the skin below my ear before he whispered, “Absolutely.”

My cheeks burning pink, I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the room and shut the door behind us. The second it was closed he didn’t hesitate to pull me close to him again, attacking my lips with a quiet urgency that hadn’t been there before. I felt myself being slowly pushed backwards until my back hit the door. My fingers curled around the belt loops of his jeans, yanking him closer to me and earning what couldn’t be described as anything other than a growl. His hands pushed their way up the hem of my shirt, fingers skimming my bra before the thin material was yanked easily over my head and dropped to the floor.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this.” I heard him murmur as his lips glided along my collar bone and up the column of my throat.

He’d barely touched me yet and I was already coming undone underneath him, my head falling back into the door. Coherent thought went out the window and any response I had in mind disappeared as I felt him sliding his hand beneath the waistband of my shorts. Three of his fingers rubbed expertly up and down, making my entire body tingle with pleasure. I slid my own hands over his shoulders and down his chest, nipping at his lower lip playfully until his tongue dipped back into my mouth. His thumb was now rubbing slow, deliberate circles against my core, making my legs quiver and I wondered for how much longer I’d be able to stand.

In an attempt to even the playing field, I tore myself away from his mouth just long enough to work his shirt over his head. For a moment, I let my fingers lightly dance across the wound I’d stitched up only hours before. Then, he pressed up against me and the heat of his skin flush against mine was almost too much. My hands trailed across the taught muscles of his back, kissing my way up his neck and stopping once again at the soft flesh beneath his ear that I realized quickly was one of his hot spots.

“Careful doll, or we won’t make it to the bed.” He breathed, and I realized how right he was, though the idea of him taking me up against the door was far from uninviting.

In one flash of movement, he managed to hook his fingers underneath the elastic of my shorts and had tugged them down, leaving me bare but for my unmatched bra and pantie set. From the way the Bucky was eagerly drinking me in, though, I didn’t think he minded. “You’re gorgeous.”

“Right back at you.” I managed as his fingers once again skimmed the front of my panties.

He chuckled against my lips as I popped the button on his jeans and slid my hand, feeling his length beneath my hand. He let out a moan and the next thing I knew, I was being carried across the room and dropped gently onto the bed. Bucky wasted no time, crawling on top of me, tugging down my bra and pressing his mouth to my chest, down my abdomen and stopping to place soft kisses on each of my hipbones. To say I was a panting mess was an understatement. His touch spread fire everywhere he touched and I couldn’t get enough.

His braced his forearms on either side of me, hovering over me and I tugged impatiently at his jeans. “Off.” I managed to breath against his mouth.

Like a good solider, he complied without argument and, kicking off his boots and shimmying out of his jeans until he was in nothing aside from a bare of gray boxer briefs. His hips suddenly dipped against mine, brushing our cores deliciously together and I moaned softly, fingers digging into his sides. I eagerly pushed his briefs down before taking his length in my hand and earning a low groan as he bucked his hips. His next move was to quickly drag my panties down, and I quickly rid myself of my bra, leaving me bare beneath him.

For one moment his eyes opened and he looked down at me through lust laden eyelashes. “You’re sure?” He asked, and I knew despite how close we were, he’d stop in a second if I asked.

I nodded, swallowing hard. My trembling hands pulled him closer, wrapping around his neck and tugging gently at his hair. “Please, Bucky.” It came out like a whimper.

His hand trailed over my waist and down my thigh before he grabbed the back of my knee and hooked my leg around his waist. I quivered as I felt him hard against my thigh, moaning his name. This resulted in a perfect smirk appearing on his lips, his night blue eyes raking over me. Then, with teasing slowness, I felt him inching inside me. I arched my back, raking my fingers down his broad shoulders and clutching him closer to me. My eyes fluttered shut in what couldn’t be described as anything other than perfect bliss.

His mouth moved to capture mine again in a deep, sinful kiss, one hand still wrapped around my thigh and the other propped up near my head. Still with that same torturous slowness, Bucky began rocking his hips against me. My body ached for more, my breath coming in an even pants as tendrils of pleasure raced through me. His forehead fell against my shoulder and I let out a barely audible groan as his teeth grazed my skin.

“Tell me what you want, Karon.” I heard his deep, husky voice in my ear.

“F-faster.” I somehow managed to get out as his mouth pressed heated kisses against my neck.

He moved painfully slow against me for another agonizing minute before he straightened up, hands gripping my hips tightly and pulling me closer against him. His pace quickened, doing exactly as I’d asked, and his thrusts became faster and harder. Heat began to pool low in my stomach and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. His fingers slowly traveled up my belly to my chest, making me once against arch against him. He bent over me again, capturing the soft skin of my breast in his mouth. Both of my hands moved to tangle in his hair, my hips rising to meet his movements.

His thrusts became rougher and more erratic, our bodies slick with a thin layer of sweat as we moved against each other. I could feel a familiar pressure building inside me, growing and swelling with each dip of his hips. Suddenly, I felt Bucky’s fingers intertwining with mine as he lifted both hands over my head. The new position left me completely exposed and vulnerable beneath him and pushed me even closer to the edge.

“Bucky,” I moaned.

He pressed himself closer to me, kissing me hard before I heard his low whisper in my ear which I knew was the end for me and my complete undoing.

“You’re mine.”

With that particularly declaration, I came. My entire body clenched around him, waves of pleasure crashing over me again and again. My toes curled and my body shook, which before then, I’d never thought was something that could actually happen. Bucky followed, thrusting into me a few more times as my name rolling off his tongue followed by a string of curses.

His head fell against my shoulder as we both struggled to catch our breaths and I ran my fingers through his hair, brushing my lips over the top of his head. “Holy hell, Bucky.” I said weakly after a moment. The two words he uttered just moments before still echoed in my mind, sending yet another thrill through me. You’re mine.

He propped himself up on his elbows, one side of his mouth quirked into a smile before he brushed his lips against mine. For once, his eyes held something else besides the lost, broken look I was so used to normally seeing. I thought to myself, that I could get used to seeing him smile. He rolled onto his back, taking me with him. I tucked my head beneath his chin as his hand trailed up and down the back of my spine. I could hear his heart beating beneath his chest, the rhythm still slightly erratic. I smirked, thinking that I had done that to him.

“Why me?” He suddenly said, breaking the content silence.

“Hm?” I tilted my head to look up at him.

“Out of everyone you could’ve chosen, why’d you pick me?” He asked, and the question in his gaze, the disbelief, tugged hard at my heartstrings.

I pulled myself up onto my elbows and lightly kissed the tip of his nose, his forehead and both cheeks before brushing against his kiss swollen lips. His eyes shut, both hands on my lower back. “Because, Bucky. I know what you think about yourself, but I also know you’re a good man. And I intend on making you believe that again someday.”

“I don’t deserve you, doll.” He muttered, and he opened his eyes to look at me.

I smiled gently as his fingers threaded through my hair and pulled me in for a long kiss.

“I disagree, solider.”

Jealous Much?

Request: “Could you do an imagine where the reader is Peter Parker’s age and she joined the avengers about the same time he did maybe earlier?? Idk haha but let’s pretend Pietro is still alive here (bc I miss him man) and Peter likes the reader and she kinda likes him but she also has a crush on Pietro? So Peter gets jealous and fights for the readers attention meanwhile Pietro finds the whole situation quite entertaining? Idk sorry if this is a bit confusing..??”

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been on in forever.  I had this saved in my drafts from like three months ago so I’m so sorry I’m just getting to this now. Don’t worry! It wasn’t confusing at all. I apologize if it’s not the best but I hope you like it! (I miss Pietro a lot too tbh)

Warnings: It not really a warning, it’s just that in this timeline Civil War didn’t happen. I hope no one minds. Also I didn’t give the reader specific superpowers so you guys can leave that to your imagination.

Pairings:  Peter Parker x Reader, Pietro Maximoff x Reader

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You heard the elevator door opening and immediately put down the magazine you had been reading.

“Hey Y/N! How’s it going.” Peter said as he entered the main room of the Avengers Tower.

“Oh it’s just you. “ You sighed as you began to read the magazine you had been reading.

It had been almost six months since you joined the Avengers.  You remembered how Tony had first approached you one day as you were walking home from school.  He told you he knew about your superpowers.Of course you denied it the first thousand times but Tony didn’t give up easily.  Once he showed you the proof he had you had no choice but to admit to it.  After admitting to it Tony asked you to join the team and the rest was history.  You had bonded with the the Avengers but you kind of wanted another teenager on the team.  Four months later Tony introduced the newest recruit, Peter Parker aka Spiderman.  He wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you had thought of wanting another teenager but he was good to have around.

“So have you heard about that new movie that’s coming out-” Peter began but was cut off by a Sokovian accent.

“Hey Y/N. Hey Spiderboy.”

“It’s Spiderman.” Peter mumbled under his breath.

“Hey Pietro.” You said with the biggest smile on your face.  You had sort of developed a crush on him over the six months you had been here and you would take any chance you could to talk to him.  “Where are you coming from?”

“Oh I was training with Steve.”  He said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and sat down on the couch.

“So Y/N like I was telling you there’s-”

“What’s it like training with Captain America.” You asked your eyes filled with fascination as you looked at Pietro and moved closer to him on the couch. You could here Peter groaning and you gave him a glare in response.

“He can be pretty tough trainer but he’s a good guy.  Haven’t you trained with Steve too?”

“Yeah but that was only for a little bit.  Have you ever beat him in a fight while training?”

“I mean once but it-”

“Oh my God! You beat Steve in a fight. Wow Pietro you must be really good.”

Peter rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms “Hey Y/N.”

“Steve will never be able to live that down.” You continued

“Hey Y/N!” Peter said a little bit louder this time.

“I think Spiderboy is trying to talk to you.” Said Pietro as he pointed towards Peter who was seated on the other couch.  Pietro wasentertained by whole situation as it was obvious Peter was jealous.

“What Peter. Can’t you see I’m talking to Pietro” You said giving him a nasty look.

“I was just asking if you heard about that new movie that’s coming out today.”

“Yes I did.” You turned your face back towards Pietro.

“I think he’s trying to ask you on a date.” Pietro said as his face was filled with amusement.

“What really?” You asked with a look of surprise.  You admit that you had a crush on Pietro but you also had feelings for Peter.  You couldn’t help but be attracted to him no matter his dorkiness.

“I don’t know what Pietro is talking about. I was-uh-I-just-”

“Well I’ll leave you two alone.” Pietro says while running off to who knows where.

“Peter, I would love to go on a date with you.”

“But what about Pietro.”

“I don’t have a chance with Pietro, plus he’s more like an infatuation. I like you Peter. Also I’m sorry for being such a jerk and ignoring you.”

“It’s okay. I just thought that you didn’t like me but now that you told me that I feel better. So see you later?”

“See you later.” 

Just as you were about to kiss him on his cheek on the way out he turned his head causing your lips to brush against each other.

“I-I'm sorry.” Peter said with a worried look on his face.

“No, no it’s okay.” You said leaning in for another kiss.

Midnight Snack

Summary: You and your boyfriend Steve can’t sleep, so you both take it upon yourselves to pass the time.

Characters: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Nightmares and insomnia, I guess. I’ve never done warnings before.

Word Count: 1,818 (It’s a beautiful number.)

Author’s Note: So this is one of many that I had originally written on Quotev. It’s not exactly copy and paste though, because I wrote it along time ago and…it was pretty bad. I was going to just edit it, but it got out of hand and now its a completely different story. But I really hope it turns out well! The gif isn’t mine btw. Love you!

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       You buried your face in his chest, sighing softly as his arms wrapped around your waist. You lay your palms flat on his chest, both of you on your sides. He gently kissed the top of your head, nuzzling his nose in your hair with a kiss. The gesture makes you smile. With a synchronous sigh, you both close your eyes. 


       As relaxed as one should be when snuggled up next to a warm, buff super soldier who’s holding them close,  you both are still like that thirty minutes later. And as comforting as it should be to have the woman he loves the most curled up against him, pressed to his torso as her breaths ghost over his chest, Steve couldn’t manage it.

       "Hey,“ you say softly.

       "Hey,” he says back. It had become a reoccurring thing that you’d both lay awake at night, trying to fall asleep but to no avail. It, as you both agreed, felt like jet lag.

       It hadn’t always been that way. When you first moved in with him, you had discovered that Steve would get nightmares. They were mainly about the war. Every dead body, every pained scream, Bucky falling to his death. Anyone that he could save, everything he couldn’t prevent, all of it haunted him. He had fought in the war to save people, not put them in harms way. At first, you would just cradle his head and hold his close, and he’d get a peaceful sleep. But eventually, they came creeping back into his mind. When his nightmares came back, yours began. They were mainly nightmares about him, lonely and too scared to sleep, huddled in a dark corner with nobody to help him-including you. The idea that you couldn’t help him get though his troubles scared the hell out of you. So to avoid the nightmares, the both of you began to stay up late. That’s when the insomnia began.

       Eventually, you both had been staying up so frequently that your body clocks shifted. Now, whenever either of you tried to sleep, it felt like the ghost of insomnia was forcing your eyes open.

       "Any luck?” you asked, taking a palm off of his chest to card through his golden locks.        

       “Not tonight, Doll,“ he sighed. You practically melted at the nickname that he had been calling you for two years now, but the feeling quickly went away with the reminder that you’d probably get less than four hours of half-hearted sleep.

        He puled away from you slightly to lift your chin, pressing his forehead to yours.

      “This is just ridiculous,” he said. “We get around half as much sleep as we’re supposed to, and it makes us both worse in the field.” You could only nod, your lips forming a blank face. God knows that you’ve both had this conversation before. Many times before.

       “But,” he said, “You’re not allowed to do that.” He turned his wrist so that he could still lift your chin up, but his thumb caressed your expressionless bottom lip. This was definitely something that you’d never heard him say before.

       “Do what?” you asked.

       “Frown,” he stated simply. “I need to see your smile, Darlin’.” You broke out in a blush, burying your face in his chest.

       “Well if it bothered you so much, why didn’t you say anything before?” you asked defensively.

       “I didn’t want you to think that you’d always have to fake a smile from me,” he explained. “I only want the the real thing; I’ll know if it’s anything else claiming those pretty lips of yours.” Unable to hold it back, your face broke out into a smile. One that he could feel against his chest.

       “There, are you happy?” you asked through your curled lips.

       "No. You’ve got to show me,” he insisted. Slowly, you lifted your chin to reveal your sheepish smile.

       “There it is,” he grinned, pressing his lips to yours. “I don’t know what I’d do without it.” You giggle against his mouth and he pulls away to gaze into your eyes.

      “You know, just because you made me smile doesn’t mean I’m still thrilled to be wide awake at twelve thirty at night, old man,” you said. Being up this late while running on four hours of sleep could make anyone cranky.

       "Old man?” he asked, furrowing his brow. “I’m not old. I’m a ‘survivor of time’.”

       “Sure. And I’m not tired, I’m just ‘low on energy’.” He rolled his eyes at your banter. You both went another ten minutes without words before the both of you got antsy.

       “I can’t just sit here and wait for sleep!” you finally said, sitting up.

       “What do you plan on doing?” he asked, still laying on the pillows. “There’s not much to-”

      “Bake!” you decided in the middle of his sentence.

      “Really? You can’t sleep, and now you want a sugar high?” His apathy was greeted by you sticking out your tongue.

       “Complain all you want. You know you love my baking, Rogers.” Those words alone seemed to have him defeated. He heaved a breathy sigh.

      “If you really want-”

      “I win!” You grabbed him hand and dragged him out of the bed, maneuvering your way through the apartment until you reached the kitchen. You turned on the light, which made the both you squint and groan.

      “Alright, what should I make?” you asked him once he had adjusted to the light. He eyes still weren’t cooperating-it definitely had nothing to do with keeping his eyes closed for seventy years.

      “Whatever you want, Doll,” he assured. “As long as you make it, I’ll eat it.” The compliment made you bite your lip. One of the things that you loved about him the most was his politeness. He’d always been one to flatter you until your face turned as red as Iron Man’s suit, and he’d almost always have something different to tell you each time.

      “Then we’re going to make cookies,” you decided. He made a face like he was pondering your decision.

       “Peanut butter and chocolate chip?” he clarified. You nodded with a grin, making him curl his fingers into a victorious fist. He had made that specific recipe with you many times before. Not because it was your “go to”, but because he loved them so much. You had come to learn his preferred balance of the peanut butter and chocolate chips, and would meticulously count the amount in each ball of dough before sticking them in the oven.

       You instructed him to get out basic cookie ingredients, like flour and sugar, first. He knew exactly what to get, so he fished through the pantry until he had found every ingredient, balancing them all on various parts of his arm.

      “Sure, make the ninety-five-year-old man get everything,” he teased, setting everything on the marble kitchen island.

      “What happened to being a ‘survivor of time’?” you asked, raising a brow at him as you pulled out different sized bowls from a cabinet. There was a pause of silence as he tried to formulate an answer that would make sense.

       “That only works in my favor,” he defended firmly, making you giggle. You both began measuring ingredients, and soon enough you both had a large bowl of peanut butter and chocolate-filled cookie dough. When you turned around to pull out a pan, he dipped his finger in the mixture and pulled out some dough, trying to give himself a taste before you returned.

       Placing a long cookie tray on the counter, you unsuspectingly began forming small balls and placing them on the cookie sheet. When you looked over at him, he was innocently watching you with a still mouth. Narrowing your eyes, your decided to try something.

      “Steve, can you remind me how long they have to bake?” you asked.

      “Chur, tis-” he began, but he stopped the moment he realized he had been discovered with a mouth full. However, the guilty puppy dog eyes he gave moments after had your heart melting before you could scold him.

       Groaning in defeat, your scowl turned into a grin as you pulled the collar to his shirt towards you, forcing his head down so that you could place a kiss on his lips. He smile against you, his hands finding your hips. You could taste the cookie dough between his lips, humming at the fact that you had really outdone yourself.

       “I’m definitely doing that again,” he mumbled, making you pull away to roll your eyes. Yes, you had to pull away just to roll your eyes.

       Following that was your long, meticulous process of counting out the chocolate chips. After about twenty minutes of counting and redistribution, you deemed them ready to bake. He excitedly slipped the tray onto the middle rack and closed the door, turning on the oven light just in case.

       You stumbled towards the couch, laying down on it with your head at one arm and your feet hanging off the other. Seeing that you had taken up all of the space, but not wanting to lay down on you and burden you with his weight, he lifted you bridal style, eliciting a squeal of surprise. He let himself lay on the couch, setting you down on his tiny hips so that you straddled him.

       “Hey!” you scolded, smacking his arm, but he just smirked up at you.

       “What is it, Doll Face?” he asked, pulling you face down to his. You gasped, holding yourself up by placing your arms on either side of him.

       “I was laying there,” you pouted.

       “And you were looking so beautiful too,” he said, successfully making a blush blood rush to your face. “You’re cute when you blush.” He lifted an arm to card his fingers through your hair, gazing into your eyes.

       Deciding to give in, you collapsed on his chest. You pressed your forehead against his, staring into his baby blues, and any dismay you were feeling towards him melted into love. It was moments exactly like this that made you fall in love with him all over again. The little moments when it was just the two of you, staring at each other in blissful silence. When thoughts like, “How did I get so lucky?” and “he looks so sweet and sincere like that” raced through your mind at a mile a minute.

       You naturally buried your face into his neck, his arms instinctively wrapping around your back so that one remained in your hair.

       “I love you,” he whispered into your hair, closing his eyes.

       “I love you too,” you mumbled sweetly against his skin. And finally, oh god, finally, you were allowed into the warm embrace of sleep.

       You were abruptly awaken by a strong smell that threatened to bring tears to your eyes.

      “Darling, did you set a timer for the cookies?” Steve’s groggy voice asked.


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Anon: id lowkey love a ca:cw peter parker fic where the reader is friends with peter and they’re not really good at math/science and feels dumb because of it and idk he’s really sweet about it


You tugged on your hair in frustration. You were currently in the library, trying to study since you were on the brink of failing. Oh, how you absolutely hated math. You constantly found yourself struggling, and you knew that there was no way out of it. You let out a groan of frustration.

“Hey, dork.” You heard a familiar voice call out to you.

Well, there goes your chance of studying in peace.

“Shut up, Peter.”

“Nice to see you too, Y/N.” He chuckled, ruffling your hair and taking a seat next to you. “I can see you’re having a little trouble there.”

“Really? What gave it away?” You asked sarcastically.

“Oh, don’t be like that.” Peter laughed.

“This sucks.” You pouted, lazily leaning your head on his shoulder.

“Hey,” Peter said, pinching your cheeks. “If there’s anyone who can do this, it’s you.”

“You think so?”

“You’re the most stubborn person I know. You don’t give up so easily.”  

“Yeah.” You chuckled. “Yeah, I guess I don’t.”

“You know if I were you,” Peter said, plopping in a piece of gum into his mouth. “I’d ask me for help.”

“Oh? And why is that?”

“Because I am the ultimate math genius.” He smirked rather proudly. “And I’m gonna help you pass that class.”

“Alright.” You laughed at his comment. “Go for it, spider boy.”

“Okay.” He said, grabbing a piece of paper and jotting down a problem. “Let’s start with something simple. Simplify 2i<6u.”

“Easy.” You grabbed the pen and began to write “i<3u.”

But by time you realized just what you had written down, it was already too late.

“Peter, did you just..”

“Did I mention I was also a pick-up line genius?”


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Title: Trapped
Bucky x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Sadness
Word Count: 2,615  

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“Remind me why I had to come with you on this mission again? I’m a scientist not a field agent, I don’t even think I’m cleared to be on a quinjet.”

“Do you really trust Stark to pick up a new alien weapon?” Steve asked from his seat opposite you.

“I literally fell over getting on to here this morning, I feel like you should be asking I can be trusted.” You told him with a frown.

“Well you’re here now, we don’t need to suddenly start questioning it now.” He sighed and you looked over at Bucky who looked like he was picturing you fall over again as he was laughing. “You know the plan right?” He asked for what felt like the twentieth time.

“Yup. Find the weapon, contain it in whatever way possible and bring it back while you and Metal Man over there beat the crap out of anyone who stands in our way.”

Steve rolled his eyes, he had no clue what type of relationship you and Bucky had, one minute you were arguing the next he’d be giving you a piggy back or tickling each other. “Remember to be careful, we have no idea what it is or what it can do..”

“We just know it’ll be bad in the wrong hands.” You continued for him. “I know, you’ve mentioned once or twice before.”

“I just want to make sure everyone makes it out alive and uninjured. I know it’d be a first for us all if we all came out not bleeding but one can hope.” He mumbled and you just rolled your eyes.

You looked back over at Bucky who’s face had suddenly dropped and nudged him gently, he was still new to coming on missions after everyone had accepted that it was time he was trusted enough to join the team properly. “You doing okay, Buck?” You asked quietly. He didn’t answer, it was like he was in some kind of weird trance. You looked around to check Steve was doing his own thing before slipping your hand into his, which suddenly gained his attention.

He frowned at your now joined hands before looking up at you. “Yeah, I’m fine. This is just the first mission I’ve been on against Hydra since everything. I’m just worried is all.”

You smiled and squeezed his hand. “Everything will be fine, Buck.”


Everything had gone to plan, you’d gotten into the building with ease after the main foot soldiers had been taken out by the Avengers on the mission and you’d got to the room containing the weird alien weapon. You looked up at Bucky who was at the door and pulled on some gloves, who knew what this thing could do to you. You had to pick it up, there was no other way to move it into the box beside you.

You held your breath and carefully picked it up, trying not to freak out as it buzzed slightly. You swallowed hard as you lowered it into the box, making sure it didn’t bash any of the sides. You really didn’t want to find out what it was capable of here. You sealed it shut and carried it towards the man guarding the room. “We’re all done here.” You told him.

He looked down at you and nodded. “Steve cleared the path, we should be good to just walk to the quinjet.”

Of course, he’d spoken too soon and as soon as you were outside of the building, gunshots were heard. You heard him tell you to run, and you did no matter how cautious you were of the object concealed beside you, you didn’t want to get shot.

You made it back to the jet quickly and you weren’t wounded surprisingly, turns out those particular agents weren’t the best with their aim, or so you thought. You turned to Bucky, who was trying to contact Steve from the screens on the side of the jet. “You doing okay?” You asked as you noticed he was holding on to his arm.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s nothing.”

You shook your head and made your way over to him. You were no doctor but you knew he’d been shot. You put your hand on his shoulder and turned him gently once you heard Steve tell you he was on his way back. “They couldn’t have hit your left arm?” You asked him with a smile and pushed him down onto the seat to have a look at the top of his right arm where it looked like a  bullet had gone straight through.

“You should probably get that patched up. I know you heal quickly but it still looks bad.” You told him and pulled the first aid kit from the side, which was obviously filled with more than the usual plasters it should have been. You pulled out a bandage which would have to do for now. “Promise me when you get back you’ll go see the medics?” You asked and gestured for him to shrug off his jacket, which he did.

As you started wrapping the thick bandage around his arm he nodded. “Yes boss.”

You shook your head and sat beside him once you were done, leaning against his left side, which he didn’t mind. You’d only been out for an hour and you were exhausted, not that you’d sleep when you got back, you had work to do. “I don’t know how you do all of this without falling asleep as soon as you get back, you actually do all the work.”

He grinned and pushed you away gently, only to wrap his left arm around your shoulder so that you were resting more into his side. “Our job is done now, feel free to fall asleep until we get back and I’ll wake you up.”

“Thanks.” You mumbled and closed your eyes, a faint smile forming on your lips as you felt him kiss the top of your head.


You had personally walked Bucky to the medics on the base and made him stay until he was cleaned up, winking at him as you walked out. He really didn’t want to be there.

You immediately walked to the lab Tony had given you to work in, you’d never had your own lab before. You pulled your lab coat on and pulled a thicker pair of gloves on and pulled the foreign object from the container, putting it in front of you. You bit your lip in thought before leaning closer to it. “What exactly are you?” You asked out loud, grabbing a few tools to try and figure exactly that out.

After an hour of gentle prodding and poking you were getting nowhere. Nothing had happened and you were getting curious to whether or not this was just a decoy, not that you dared to touch it with bare skin.

You walked to the opposite side of the room to grab your phone to see if Bucky had text you to tell you he was done, you were going to raid Tony’s food stash together afterwards. He hadn’t so you assumed he was still in the infirmary.

You turned back with a frown when you saw some sort of purple smoke rising from it. That shouldn’t be happening. You frantically looked around and grabbed the first clear, plastic box you could find and frantically dropped it on top of it, cursing hard when it almost instantly melted with even more smoke coming from it, like it was trying to defend itself.

You felt yourself panicking as it continued to spread around the room at a fast pace and with nothing being able to contain it you slammed your fist on the button which sealed the lab off from the rest of the tower, which locked you in, which would usually stop you from being able to contaminate anything but you had no idea what this would do to you.

After a few more seconds, the back quarter of the room was covered in the thick smoke and you felt your breath quicken in realisation you were stuck. You made your way over to the glass door and leaned against it, seeing as it was the furthest away you could get.

“(Y/N)! What’s going on!” Came a loud voice, getting closer with each word. Bucky.

“I did something apparently and this happened!” You gestured to the smoke and turned to look at him. “I had to contain it but Tony doesn’t leave enough time for everyone in the lab to leave.” You told him, swallowing hard. “I don’t even know what that thing does to people.” You confessed as you saw the desperation in his eyes. “It literally just melted plastic the second it came into contact.”

“Well there has to be a way to get you out.”

“There’s a twelve hour period between when Tony can open the door and when it’s sealed, meant to protect everyone. It’s stupid if you ask me, because I’m stuck in here.” You muttered and gently punched the door.

“I’m sure he has another back up plan for all labs.” He sighed and pulled out the phone you had taught him to use and sent Tony a quick message. “How are you feeling?”

“I have a headache, you know like a hangover headache? One of those.” You told him and looked at him desperately. “Tell me if he replies?” You asked and looked back to the other side of the room which was getting fuller by the second.

“Of course.” He said and dropped the phone back in his pocket, bringing his full attention back to you. “Is there anything in there that can protect you? I’m not exactly willing to find out what it does to you.”

“Well I mean there was, but I’d have to walk through it all to get to them which kind of defies the point.” You sighed and sat down against the glass door, it wasn’t like you were going anywhere soon. He followed and sat so he could see you.

“We’ll get you out of there, don’t worry. Tony doesn’t call himself a genius for no reason, it’s his tower for Gods sake.” He told you confidently.

You laughed half heartedly and looked down, squeezing your eyes shut to try numb the pain of your headache. “Do you remember how we met?” You asked him, wanting to keep talking for as long as you could. You honestly weren’t that confident you were getting out of here.

“Of course I do. You recognised me from the museum Steve had taken me to and ran up and hugged him and then me, not even caring who I was. You were just ‘super happy’ that Steve had his best friend back.”

“Steve tried to pull me off you and you just hugged me back. Best day ever.” You laughed and leaned your head back. “I got a hug from someone who wouldn’t even give a handshake to anyone but Steve.

“Steve told me about you on the drive back, I assumed, correctly might I add, that you were harmless seeing as you always dragged him to my section of the museum. No threat meant no reason for me to worry.” He shrugged.

“And thus, a friendship was sort of born.” You smiled and touched your nose gently when you felt something wet. You were bleeding. That wasn’t good. “Buck.” You whispered, in fright as you looked down at your red fingers.

He opened his eyes when he heard your whisper, a gasp as he saw the red on your face immediately. “No, No…” He mumbled and stood up again, trying to call Tony this time seeing as he hadn’t answered.

You kept running your hand across your face in a desperate attempt to stop the flow. A sob escaped your lips as realisation hit you. “I’m going to die here.” You said to no one in particular. You looked up at Bucky who was frozen in place before he crouched down, getting as close as the glass permitted. “I’m so scared.” You told him and it was at that point he started panicking a lot harder internally. You never got scared, sure you had never been in a situation like this but you were the bravest person he knew. Hell you hugged the Winter Soldier when you didn’t know him.

“You’ll be fine. That’s nothing. It could just be a total coincidence.” He tried.

You shook your head knowing it wasn’t. “I had so much to do, I have family I was meant to be seeing soon.” You told him, tears flowing freely down your face as you looked up at him, several different emotions crossing his face as he tried to figure out a way to get you out.

“You’ll see them. I promise.”

“Natasha and Steve told me I should just bite the bullet and ask you out, that you were too cautious to ask me.” You admitted slowly, your hand coming to cover your nose again.

“And Doll, when we’ve gotten you out we can go on that date. You can even make fun of me for being too scared to ask you and I won’t get mad.” He told you as he tried to look for a weak spot in the glass that he could break through. Of course there wasn’t one.

“We can go to that diner a few blocks away. The one you said you liked because it reminded you of ‘back in the day’.” You smiled and tried to take a deep breath in to calm yourself down, which only made you more light headed. “I’d offer to pay seeing as I asked you but I have a feeling that won’t  happen.” You were met with a shake of his head but his eyes were still searching for a way out.

“Buck. Stop.” You tried telling him but he ignored you. “Bucky!” You said a little louder and he stopped,  bringing his eyes down to you.

“I can’t lose you.” He confessed and pressed his flesh hand against the glass, his forehead resting against it in defeat. “I’ve gone through so much but the thought of losing you..I can’t.”

You tried to rub the blood on your hand onto the lab jacket so you could put yours against the glass too without it looking scary but it wasn’t working. You bowed your head and tried to scrub harder but another sob escaped your mouth.

“(Y/N)” Bucky’s voice came through the glass. “You’re getting out okay? We can go get burgers and a milkshake and we’ll look back at this and laugh about how this is what it took for us to go out.”

You leaned against the glass heavily, a sudden wave of tiredness hitting you, out of the corner of your eye you saw the smoke only two feet away from you. “Can you tell the other guys I love them?” You took a deep breath in to try keep yourself awake. “Not as much as you obviously, but just make sure they know.” You whispered, your eyes fluttering shut briefly before they opened again. It’s like it was torturing you, killing you slowly. You felt more blood trickling from your ears now. You were gone and you knew it.

“I love you too.” He whispered as he saw you fall limp against the glass. The smoke filled the room at this point, but he could still see you pressed against the glass. And that hurt the most. He just sat there and watched your limp figure, oblivious to anything happening around him.