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Someone on Twitter is claiming that Trump’s Tweet claiming that climate change was made up by China was just deleted after Clinton mentioned it. Bad optics if so.

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6, 29, 30, 31, 33 !

  • 6. your all time favourite lyric from them? 

my favorite lyrics are actually from behind the sea of all things 

“Floating flocks of candled swans
Slowly drift across wax ponds “

don’t ask why, i honestly have no clue

  • 29. favourite track off too weird to live? 

vegas lights!!! vegas!! lights!! it needs more love please i would kill for a music video for it, its like the LA Devotee of TWTL

  • 30. thoughts on the la devotee music video? 

i wish B was in it more but i love it A+

  • 31. bren or beebo? 


  • 33. post your favourite picture of brendon boyd urie 

it’s been a tie between these 2 for years now

also this one is an honorary 

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I swear fam, #OnlyinGotham has some of the fakest ass tweets ever smh. bitch you didnt get hit on by no bat. you get hit on by a scarecrow or some shit, you dead. no one went on a date with your sad ass #Whyyoulyin #hellalotfakeasstweets

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me: I have a crush on this boy and it totally makes sense that the thought of being with him in any romantic or sexual way is extremely uncomfortable! It's just because I like him So Much! And of course I'm going to be riddled with anxiety to the point of crying when thinking about him asking me out but that's Just Because I want him to so bad! It's normal to feel this uncomfortable around boys!

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i want to talk about collar.Because it's HIS OWN collar.Why didn't he keep it private? this is too much? or is it enough? ITS LEATHER??? and collars are SEXUAL i mean COMEON

  1. It’s not his collar. That was a joke that someone made. the OP said it.

  2. The stylist gave it to him to wear it for the photoshoot. (Although I hope he kept it cause it looked beautiful on it.)

  3. Although it’s true that leather collars are a thing between the BDSM community, it tells us nothing about Harry because of 1) and 2), nor should we care about his sexual life.

Make all the headcanons you want, but stop saying he wore it for a purpose or to show he’s this or that.