You seem like you’d be so fun at parties.

Here’s what I’m going to do, you malodorous jackass:

I’ll make you a little wager. Since you think no one cares, let’s leave it up to them then shall we?

If this post gets more likes than reblogs by 12am EST (Saturday, May 23rd)…

I promise to delete FandomDeluxe forever.

However if my followers Reblog this and that outweighs the likes. I get to keep my blog, you owe me an apology and you leave me the fuck alone forever?

How does that sound?

Alright followers: I’m not kidding, whoever this is has hate spammed me for the last time.

Like = Delete FandomDeluxe

Reblog = Keep FandomDeluxe

I’m leaving it up to you. Because I just can’t take it anymore.