( CAMS ) ‘like seventeen’ sweet day — 160730

( FANACCOUNT ) ‘like seventeen’ sweet day — 160730

during encore hosh asked us if he could ask one more favor from fans and then he’s like could u shout one more time?? ;___; and then of course everyone shouted w/ all their might and all members listened w/ their eyes closed and head bowed down and some even removed their in-ears it was so touching it was really so loud also it’s the first time jisoo’s mom came to watch today

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( CAM ) seventeen ‘very nice’ — 160730
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[#Monsta X] MONSTA X’s official Japan twitter is opened! Here is a message from the MONSTA X members.Jooheon: Hello Japan monbebes!
All: 123! We are Monsta X!
Changkyun: Finally, Monsta X’s Japanese official twitter is open too!
All: oooh~
Wonho: Also in the future, we would be very happy if there’s many of our monbebes who will come to this twitter for news!
Kihyun: Everyone please love Monsta X a lot!
Shownu: Please give Monsta X lots of support! Till then, this is

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( CAM ) seventeen ‘mansae’ — 160730
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