Saiga 7.62x39

Heavily modified and converted Saiga chambered in 7.62x39. I was curious as to what that part was on the trigger guard but the seller mentioned it was an ambidextrous bullet button, making this a California AK. Overall it’s one of the better “tactical” AK builds. Haven’t seen that long lower handguard before but it’s a nice touch, although it isn’t like a full length AR handguard if you’re looking to the “thumb-over-bore” grip. (GRH)



Chinese AK variant that was imported into the U.S by Norinco and Polytech. They were originally brought in as standard semi-auto AK’s but later models were made into sporting configurations to meet ban requirements. There are also two types of receivers you’ll encounter with MAK-90′s, not counting milled versus stamped. MAK-90′s will have either a regular straight cut rear receiver or an angled receiver. (GRH)

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seriously though how is Ali so beautiful?!?!

I mean, I don’t even know?

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How do you get on that level?

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Like, the heart throb level?

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The greek goddess level?

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I honestly don’t even know…

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Thanks for giving me a reason to gush about this one here, anon:)

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