She bore a hole into his mind with words divine.

“You can have all the grandeur of fine wine
On the outside but once your lips kiss the bottle you’ll taste nothing but stale ginger ale.”

And as she swayed velvet clad hips on the stage accentuated by the echos of snaps in the dark room,

All he could think about was how pleasant it would be to savor her honey,

without the sting.

—  Animal Arithmetic “Roundabout”

Now that I’ve thought about it some more having RAE be Reactionary Assimilationist Extremist/Exclusionist ? without any reference to a-spec people is fine because we can modify it based on the situation (and considering the discourse has a target of the month/season that would prbably be handy).

As such I suggest saying somebody is a XXX-phobic RAE if they have a preferred target (as in the people they want to kick out). The distinction I’m making here is that an XXX-phobic RAE is not just a RAE who happens to be XXX-phobic but one whose RAE-ness is directed at XXX group. (The other instance could be covered by a RAE and XXX-phobic). 

Does this make sense? I’m just throwing ideas around at the moment.

Obviously not every situation would require modification since a lot of gatekeeping rhetoric is similar, but there will also be situations where we want to address specific flavors of RAE as well.

Tagging: @twiddleymuffins@golbatgender @tracingintersectionality to see if they think this will be useful

Petition to call aro and ace exclusionists an abbreviated name to easier name our specific oppressors within what should be safe spaces. Because, after all, they do come from different identities. I also would like to definitely separate them from people trying to be our allies.

AAAE? Kind of sounds like the noise I make with them…

AAE? Hm. Any aces our aros have any ideas?

*Someone pointed out to me aae is really close to looking like aave. Which I agree with. Anything else?

**We should include ace And aro I’m this term though. Aro people get erased by ace people enough as it is.

***ARASE? Sounds like erase which is good.. it would be, “ar"omantic “as"exual "e"xclusionist. I think I like this one!

****ARASErs was just now suggested! Arasers? Arase? Do people like these?

*****ARASEs? “s” for Exclusionist(s)? Plural? Araser is good, too.

growing up, did anyone else feel embarrassed whenever you were around family who spoke AAE or Kriol? i was always rly ashamed by it bc the non-Aboriginal people i knew made fun of it, called people who used it slurs & names, corrected them (i was guilty of doing this w my mum too), up until a few years ago i made an effort to not speak it at all.

obvs it’s not the case now, i find that i slip into speaking AAE when i’m talking to other Indigenous people or white people i’ve known for years & am comfortable w. & my mum, my nan, my aunties, other people in the community slip in & out of their individual forms of AAE, depending on who they’re speaking to? like we’re all somehow aware of it, but we don’t realise we’re doing it?

idk if this makes sense i’ve just been thinking abt this a lot. like how many of us growing up were brainwashed to think so lowly about culture (this is just a small example)? culture is so wonderful & special & important & crucial & how many of us were made to feel ashamed of it by white people?

(also we found a bit of writing abt my greatx9 grandmother, abt Aboriginal people in the area hiding from white people. her exact words were written down & it was surreal reading it bc it was all AAE & Darug specifically from the area my mob is from. if mum lets me, i’ll scan it or s/t bc it was rly interesting & also v special to me)