Favorite Stiles Relationships: FBI Agent Rafael McCall

This is an odd pair I know but I love their banter and I think (or head canon at least) that McCall really does care for Stiles because he helped Melissa care for him while his mom was sick, knows he is a good friend to Scott, and secretly enjoys their banter back and forth especially as Scott starts warming up to him again. I wish they would have kept McCall around longer. It would of been interesting if they had shown him finding out about the werewolves and everything.


Recently my friend Moni @chick-phil-ayee got some messages from a weird blog (it only had one post and the url was gavinhimself) saying that she was cute. As a joke, she claimed to be ten and the person said that they were also ten. This seemed suspicious to me, but Moni didn’t want to block them cause they claimed to be suicidal. I told her that she should block them anyway but she was hesitant because they might be for real.

I came up with an idea. I decided to message this person. They soon claimed to be sixteen, so we both immediately blocked them. Two seconds after I did so, I got a message in my ask saying “Why did you block me haha” and a follow from a different blog with no content. I was extremely scared, so as soon as I got the ask I checked my page and it said there was only one person on the blog. This morning, we both got followed by a lot of porn blogs. Tumblr has been super strange with all the viruses and I honestly don’t know when staff is gonna get their shit together. So please remember to be safe.

Lastly I’ll offer some safety tips:

  1. If some suspicious blog messages you, you have every right to block them. You are not obligated to message them, no matter what they claim. It may be a trap and you have to look out for yourself.
  2. Make a complicated face tag. If your face tag is “my face” it’ll be too easy for someone to find you.
  3. You can also make your blog private, so logged out users can’t view your blog. To do this go to edit apearance, scroll down to where it says privacy and there should be a button where you can turn the setting off.
  4. If you’re worried about people stalking your blog after you blocked them you can view how many people are watching your page. I don’t have the link but @unironic-alex does.
  5. Be careful about posting selfies. I had a scheduled selfie for @shingekihowell’s meetup tomorrow, but I’m not posting selfies for a while. I’m not saying everyone should refrain from posting their face, but if you’ve had a virus or safety related incident lately, don’t put your face online.
  6. If you’ve tried everything, and still don’t feel safe, there is no reason to stay on this site. If staff can’t run a site or even keep users safe, there’s no reason we have to tolerate it. Your safety comes first.

If it’s not too much for me to ask, I’d love it if you signal boosted this. What happened to Moni and I was quite scary and I want to make sure that it never happens to anyone again.