When live action is well done.

Something that You should Remember About Love...

Love is not measured by size….

Or shape…

Or even by “words”…

But purely in the fact that you want to be with this person. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Whatever form your love may be, may it be one that make you genuinely happy from the bottom of your hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day ಌ

  • Me "watching ecchi harem anime": so much emphasis on fan service and sex. Relationships don't revolve only around physical intimacy. They need a genuine romantic moment.
  • Me "watching shoujo anime": kisses, hugs and confessions are cute and all, but when will they finally fuck?! Like did she suck his dick already or what? I NEED ANSWERS!!!

anonymous asked:

hey do you know any good unrequited love type of anime/manga? like wher the girl likes a guy but he doesnt like her back right away or is in love w someone else? (like heroine shikkaku) im a sucker for slow romance i guess 😂

Me too anon, me too

Bokura ga ita (anime and manga)

Lovely complex (anime and manga, love the anime more tho)

Akatsuki no yona (anime and manga)

Kilari (Don’t block me already the main couple is like  everuthing you coud wish for. Also the manga is more centered about romance)

Kuregahime (anime and manga)

*genderbender tag

Toradora (aime is 10/10)

And one of the most underated and yet beatiful anime I’ve seen:

Nagi no asukara

The animation and the sound is 10/10 and so is the relationship between the two protagonists. One of the most built up I’ve seen, you will ship them with all your might, trust me

anonymous asked:

Have your ever read(or watched) shoujos? If yes what are your favorites and why?

Yeah I’ve read and watched plenty of Shoujo, including Sailor Moon, Vision of Escaflowne, Special A, Kimi no Todoke, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha, Toneri no Kaibutsu-kun, Yona of the Dawn, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Aishiteruze Baby, Itazura na Kiss and Nijiro Days.

However, there were always 3 shoujo that were untouchable for me in terms of my enjoyment. My all time top 3 shoujo are…

3. High School Debut:

Because I really liked Haruna. She was such a dork most of the time, but at the same time such a tough, resilient and determined person. I remember one scene in particular where she confronted a group of girls because they were being, for lack of a better word, bitches, simply because they resented the fact that she had managed to get together with Yoh. And Haruna straight up fought the lot of them, to make it crystal clear that if they didn’t stop harassing her over Yoh, then they’d get a lot better acquainted with her fists. That was great.

2. Ore Monogatari:

Because it was so cool to follow a shoujo being told from the guy’s perspective, and what an amazing guy Takeo is. He has a heart as big as his frame, while Rinko has a heart that matches the level of her cuteness, I really like their relationship. Furthermore, it was also so nice to see a shoujo where there were two main guys and one main girl, and there wasn’t a love triangle between the three of them. I was expecting Suna to get involved at some point, but instead he always stays back and helps the two of them with their relationship. Yet, he still manages to be the undisputed MVP of the whole show. What would those two do without Suna? Lol.

1. Lovely Complex:

Because never have I enjoyed the dynamics of a relationship as much as I have for Risa and Otani. The “All Hanshin-Kyojin” comedy duo were always so entertaining to watch, and it was also so refreshing to see a relationship where the girl was taller. It was also a relief to see that it wasn’t one of those shows where neither of the protagonists said anything for essentially the entire story. Risa realised her feelings and confessed a relatively short while later. Otani may not have reciprocated immediately, but you could tell he was taking her seriously as he was shown to give it serious consideration for a long while. Furthermore, Otani wasn’t your typical “school prince” type male lead that is often so prevalent in shoujo mangas - he was short and rough around the edges, while Risa was tall but just as imperfect, so it was fascinating to see how they’d cope in going from the comedy duo to being in a relationship.