me to the anime crew: WHO DECIDED THE OPENING LYRICS SHOULD BE A LOVE SONG i love you guys

and somehow I think it’s a foreshadowing, to how these three are the first ones to appear in the opening, then korosensei. 

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ChiHaya be like: “we’re in this together”

MaeIso be like: “we’re simple guys, we’d fight together”

KaruNagi be like: “hmph. we’ll talk later”

ships ahoy hahahaha X’D well, every relationship has its ups and downs so…. yeah, please make up later, okay?

i’ve been through many ship problems in my whole life as a fan girl .. i won’t let my KaruNagi ship be like titanic


The trailerrrrrrr is out baes! I’m just gonna talk about my favorite spots

Look, right on ChiHaya !! *SCREAMS* and MaeIso too! dammit boys why are you not in traditional whyyy so modern. i wanna see you in yukata. Beautiful girl right there, Rinka.

Fandom: Sensei OTP!!!
Staffs: Got you


shota Gakushuu HIHIHI

and of course….

KaruNagi standing beside each other. *SCREAMING MY HEAD OUT* Karma, why so good looking in black. NAGISAAAAAAAAAAAA bae as always~~ I’m not expecting for karmagisa in the trailer ‘cause idk. I’m not just expecting. and idk. I feel like S2 will not have karmagisa moments as much as in S1 (like they’d be focusing on NagiKae or something) I DONT KNOW. WHY AM I FEELING THIS KIND OF FOREBODING. UGH why do you always give me these tragic feels karmagisa no fair

and thankfully we’ll get to see the test of courage animated! and no human korosensei in the trailer :(


Where does Chihaya’s and Taichi’s relationship stand, as of now?

An anon asked me a similar question very, very long time ago and I have been meaning to answer it. I’m seriously terrible at giving prompt replies, gomen. But there was another reason as to why I didn’t reply immediately. At that point of time, the manga was still focused on the team matches and we hadn’t seen proper interaction between Chihaya and Taichi after the incident in Chapter 138. I say proper because I do not really count Chapter 164 and 165. Taichi and Chihaya barely exchanged any words and those chapters were more in relation to his disappearance and apologies to his teammates. In that sense, I couldn’t really figure out how Chihaya and Taichi would act around each other. However, with the latest chapters, specifically 174 and 175, I have been able to get a better grasp as to how they are now.  

I think what is clear to everyone is that they are no longer the same as they were before. In fact, after Taichi’s confession, this was one of the first things that I expected. That there was no way they could revert to the way they were before, even if they reconciled and started talking to each other again. Taichi’s confession would be one of the major turning points in the manga. A lot of things decisively changed, ended, began after it, and it is undeniably shown in the narrative. Taichi’s and Chihaya’s relationship would be one of it. I believe that this is precisely why Taichi was so afraid to confess to Chihaya in the first place. Because he, too, knew of the consequences if the confession turned on its head. Which it did, of course. So, what exactly is their relationship now? Is there any way to term it? The way their relationship is being depicted now, in my opinion, can mean two things. And that will be analysed in the bulk of this post.

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pitch black by Marina
Via Flickr:
aw man she’s so beautiful

duuude i know
you are like Taichi’s passion and poison
he started playing Karuta because of you; he stopped Karuta for a while because of you; he’s playing it again (he said it’s for himself) but ultimately it’s still because of you
he gets weak because of you; he’s becoming stronger because of you
he develops as a character because of you
you complete him and ruin him and it has been a cruel cycle for him
lol Chihaya how can you be so annoyingly dense and hurtful and pitiful at the same time