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Welcome to Maka x Black Star Week 2018!

This year, MaStar Week will be scheduled on April 1st to April 7th. We will be opening the ask box for daily theme suggestions until February 10th. Afterwards, we will be holding two voting rounds for the final themes for the week! Our inbox is open so please spread the news and submit your ideas!

Please keep themes respectful and open ended. We’re hoping to not have repeated ideas from the year before; you can check here just in case you’re unsure about themes already used.

After February 10th, Voting links will be found here when available + as a separate post:

Feb 11-17 Voting Round 1

Feb 18-24 Voting Round 2

We’ll be using the tags: “mastar week 2018″ and “makaxblackstar week 2018″ to follow this event~

Submit away friends! We’ll see you again soon :)

@theofficialblackstarbushin replied to your photoset:

I can’t read it but from the number of characters and the order they are arranged, I’m guessing it says “Excalibur, Excalibur, from the United Kingdom, I’m looking for him, I’m going to California, Excalibur, Excalibur

you’re 100% right sfdhjsfhjdsjfds i cant believe you cracked it