mygif: my little monster

“My Little Monster/ Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun” gets green lit for live action!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

Yes, you read right! Robico’s famous story gets a live-action! Filming for the live-action begins around late-may, and the movie is predicted to be released in 2018. This manga ended in Japan in 2013 and english translations didn’t end until around 2014. They also had an anime series in 2012! I don’t know what caused them to suddenly produce a live-action, but hey, i ain’t complaining! 

“Masaki Suda (left in picture below) is playing the character Haru Yoshida in what he announced would be his last movie playing a student in uniform. Tao Tsuchiya (right) is playing Shizuku Mizutani” (AnimeNewsNetwork).