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Random Headcanons Because I’m Tired

~ When Seri goes out on dates with Izumo, S4 will secretly follow her, they gotta make sure anko mom has only the most perfect dates

~ When Misaki was little before his mom married his step-dad, he would be very protective of his mom when she brought a boyfriend over to meet Misaki. He would test the guy’s knowledge of his mom like “What’s my mommy’s favorite color? What’s her favorite food? Who is mommy’s most favorite-est person?” and if they got even one wrong, he would get so mad and tell his mom that she needs a new boyfriend (also, the answer is him for that last question)

~ Tatara, Mikoto, and Anna used to sleep together in one bed. Anna would sneak into Mikoto’s room when she had nightmares and it just kind of became a habit for her to go to Mikoto’s room every night even when she didn’t have nightmares. Tatara just found them cuddled up one time and wanted to join. Sometimes Izumo would join too.

~ Seri will force feed Saru anko soup when he’s sick

I’m fucckign crrying you guys I was just chilling in the living room and my mom yelled from the kitchen “maci come in here I just found the mikey way of apples!” and I come in and she’s holding this really tall skinny apple and I just fuckin burst out laughing because it Totally Was the mikey way of apples and mom was like “wait we have to find the rest of them” and she looked over the bag of apples really carefully and picked out ones for gerard and ray and then she was like “wait” and she went back in the fridge and got a Tiny Ass plum for frank and put them all in a line and I can’t stop fUCKIGN LAUGHINGN AT MY APPLE FUCKING ROMANCE