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about shizuo killing izaya - i also couldn't see shizuo being okay if he did. like shizuo hasn't killed anyone yet despite putting someone into a coma before, and he honestly just wants to be left alone. i feel like more than anything shizuo would miss izaya. that his life wouldn't ever be the same. like shizuo is such a gentle soul - even when he can't control himself he wants to get better to where he can control himself.

yES YES DEFINITELY. Shizuo would no doubt hate himself (more than he already is cuz we all know he is scared of his strength and the idea of loosing control of it and hurting people close to him is like torture for him) but would he wish for Izaya back??

Yeah, I’d think he would. Despite Izaya giving Shizuo a hard time, a reason to kill him, a reason to hate him, Shizuo isn’t necessarily the type of person to actually KILL. We see him being angry, we see him loose control, but he hasn’t actually killed anyone out of hate. He hasn’t killed anyone period.

And Shizuo hating Izaya can be a quite far fetched idea now when we know that Shizuo is more than afraid to loose control of his strength. Shizuo longs for peace more than he hates Izaya. If Shizuo could just leave Izaya alone he would no doubt get his peace and quiet that he yearns for.

But he doesn’t back away from Izaya. No, Shizuo seeks him out. Shizuo hunts Izaya down, goes to Shinjuku to beat him up when he could’ve ignored him instead. He should’ve ignored Izaya instead.

When you hate someone wouldn’t you want to stay as far away from that person? You would, right? You wouldn’t seek up someone you hate just to tell them that you hate them, right?

Yea, idk, it can be argued that Shizuo actually hate Izaya, but personally I think Shizuo hates his strength a lot more than he does Izaya.

And if Shizuo managed to kill Izaya at the end of ketsu…I’m pretty sure Shizuo would break. Just knowing that he killed someone would make him unable to get that peace he so yearn for. He’d have lost the one person who truly wasn’t afraid of him and with him the ability to remain ‘human.’

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