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“Oh, noooo! I can’t get out of these chains! You’ll just have to carry me, Thor!”  Loki you little shit. ;) Alternate title: He ‘ain’t heavy, he’s my brother. 

I dunno, this is what the trailer made me think of. (And then as soon as Thor carries him the entire way, Loki will suddenly be out of the chains a la Roger Rabbit and his handcuffs.) Clean up of an earlier rough sketch. 

so according to this interview with rdj…

there are “big changes for tony’s technology [after spiderman homecoming]”. and i’m just??? what does that mean?????? what is his new suit in infinity war gonna be like??? like, is it compacted into the chest plate that we’ve seen tony wearing in the set photos of infinity war??? is it gonna be like the bleeding edge armour from the comics??? what is his new suit gonna be able to do??? omg imagine the possibilities..??? i fucking love tony’s technology so much. its so innovative and interesting and cool. like in iron man 3, he legit injected those repeaters under his skin that can call the suit (or parts of it) to him or to somebody else whenever he wants. like thats fucking amazing. i want that technology. but with the contents of my refrigerator. that would be #goals

Transparent Crystalline Solid (6)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: The battle, this is the last chapter before the epilogue! Enjoy! :) xx

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The alarms blearing has Bucky sitting up in his bed abruptly. It’s the second week after Y/N and Thor’s return, and he’s proud to say that he hasn’t had another bimbo in his bed since. The first thing he does, as ordered by Steve, is grab his comm from his nightstand and put it in his ear.

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[x] - requested by anonymous

“I don’t get it.” Bucky sighed, handing your iPhone back to you. “So your phone is not just a phone? There’s other things on it, too?” 

“Yeah, you can text people, play games, check your social media and a whole bunch of other things. 

“Texting?” Bucky looked at Steve, evidently confused, and Steve chuckled as he reached out and reassuringly squeezed his friend’s shoulder.

“You’ll get it soon, I promise.” Steve laughed, and Bucky smiled. 

They both looked up to see you holding up the phone in front of them, and you smiled as you lowered the phone and began tapping away at the screen. You looked up at their confused expressions, and laughed as you explained, “I just videoed you guys on Snapchat, and I’m adding it to my story.”

“Well, I have no idea what that is.” Steve shrugged as Bucky looked at him expectantly, and you laughed and put your arms around your shoulders.

“You guys are hopeless.” you grinned, and the Steve rolled his eyes playfully as Bucky grinned. “It’s a good thing I’m such a good friend, and I have the patience to help you guys out.”



[x] - requested by anonymous (edited slightly)

“What happened this time?” you sighed as you opened your window to let Peter in, and you motioned for him to sit on your bed. You disappeared into your bathroom as Peter sheepishly sat on your bed, covering the bruise on his face with his hand.

“Just got into a bit of a scuffle.” Peter responded as you handed him a towel you had run under cold water. He smiled at you as he put the towel over his face, saying, “That’s way better. Thank you.”

“I’m worried about you, Peter.” you sighed, sitting on the bed next to him and resting your head on his shoulder. The two of you were best friends, so it was no surprise that you were the first person Peter always went to for anything. If he was injured, needed help with homework, or even if he was just feeling lonely, he always came to you. 

“I know,” Peter rested his head on yours. “But I promise, y/n, I’m fine.”


Here Comes The General

Summary: The Reader introduces the Avengers to Hamilton. Inspired by this Headcanon list I made

It all started when instead of making the team watch a movie of your choice for movie night you took them to the theatre instead, to see none other than Hamilton. No one had wanted to go at first complaining that they wouldn’t be able to talk or skip anything that they thought boring or pause it if they needed the toilet. That had been Clint’s biggest complaint though he was quickly silenced by Sam telling him that if he didn’t drink nearly 6 cups of coffee beforehand to stay awake than he wouldn’t need a piss every 20 minutes. Luckily you had told them all your plans during breakfast so that any arguing they did wouldn’t result in you missing any of the show, which was a good plan seeing as it took you nearly an hour to convince them all to go. It wasn’t until you mentioned how you had been planning the trip for over a month and had stolen Tony’s credit card to pay for the tickets that everyone agreed to go.

So that night after every had gotten nicely dress and had a decent meal in them so no one was hungry for the next 3 hours you headed to the theatre. And what a trip it was, the show was simply amazing and you even got a chance to meet the cast backstage after they heard that The Avengers were in the audience. You couldn’t think of another recent memory that could top just how incredible a night it was, you would never forget the experience and neither would the rest of the team.

The morning at breakfast the entire team were singing a completely different tune than they had the previous morning, apologising to you non-stop for not believing you when you told them the show would change their lives, in fact Hamilton became such a shared interest for that whole team that it made an appearance nearly every day.

Pietro constantly sang ‘Guns and Ships’ which annoyed the hell out of nearly everyone because he was the only one on the team who was able to talk fast enough to say Lafayette’s lines. Tony and Bruce had the soundtrack on replay whenever they were working in the lab only listening to the album back to back for nearly a week while they worked on their newest invention. And Vision had even used his abilities so that he could see what he would look like as Alexander Hamilton, no one but you knows about his little habit though; you had accidentally walked in on him while he was fiddling with the jacket and you never spoke about the event ever again. The team became obsessed, with Tony even buy everyone a copy of the soundtrack as well as every piece of merchandise that was available.

Everyone had their favourites from the show which often lead to arguments whenever someone on the team disagreed with their opinion. Some were verbal and some had even gotten physical if no one stepped in on time to stop it, like the time Wanda nearly broke Thor’s nose, which is very impressive seeing as he’s a god, for saying that 'Ten Duel Commandments’ was a better song than 'The Schuyler Sisters’. The whole thing ended up on Youtube after Clint had got a copy of the footage and not an hour later fan art of Wanda dressed as one of the sisters appeared on the internet. And not two hours later did fan art of Natasha, Wanda and you as the Schuyler Sisters appear. It actually got mentioned at the next Avengers press conference, with the three of you donning the iconic pose and breaking the internet.

But if there was one thing that the team agreed on when it came to Hamilton it was that no one loved Washington as much as Steve. From the moment Steve got his hands on the soundtrack 'History Has Its Eyes On You’ became his ringtone and he was constantly quoting it anytime you came across a young new superhero, which could sometimes get very embarrassing for him when they understood his references to the song.

And because of Steve’s love of Washington Clint decided to start a tradition of sorts. It was about a week after you had all seen the show with you, Clint and T'challa sitting in the common room talking amongst yourselves when Steve walked in after his morning workout. As soon as Clint saw him he shouted the words that would start a trend that nearly everyone on the team would take part in (especially Sam, Scott and Pietro). Upon hearing Clint’s words Steve had turned around so fast and practically ran to his room as a means to hide the blush that had appeared on his cheeks instantly hoping that none of you saw, which you all did much to his dismay. That night when Steve had reappeared for dinner the entire team had decided to join in on Clint’s new habit after the two of you had spread the word. And so when Steve walked through the door he was hit over 10 people shouting the same phrase at him.

“Here comes the general!”


[x] [x] - requested by anonymous

“y/n!” the Barton children all chorused excitedly as they charged towards you after hugging their father, and you laughed as you kneeled down to hug them. 

“Are you going to play with us?” Lila asked innocently, and you smiled as you tucked her hair behind her ears.

“Would you like me to?” you asked, and all three children nodded eagerly. 

“Can you show us your powers again?” Cooper blurted, and you laughed. Being Wanda’s daughter meant you had the same powers as her, and the Barton children were always fascinated by it. Raising your hands, the children’s eyes widened as they watched the red swirls appear around your fingers, and using your powers, you picked up the children’s toys and hovered them in front of you. They all begin clapping excitedly as they snatched the toys out of the air, and you reached over to pick Nathaniel up as you stood.

“Come on, guys,” you ushered them towards the door. “Let’s play outside. Your dad and the Avengers have business they need to discuss in here.”


Bucky Barnes (Part 7)

Bucky Barnes x reader (finally)

Warnings: Language, Violence, Uncomfortable Conversations, Lasagna

You and Bucky sit on the sofa, your head pillowed on his chest as something mindless plays on the TV. You’re dozing, curled up against him like a child, your fingers tangled in his loose t shirt. Bucky doesn’t mind, he likes this, it feels normal. He’s not even watching whatever obnoxious show is on, his hand is propped on his fist, his fingers caressing through your long hair.

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