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Probably the shared nightmare of the agents at any intelligence organization charged with rooting out Islamic terrorism is to discover that said organization has been infiltrated by a card-carrying Islamic terrorist. And that’s precisely what happened in late 2016 at Germany’s Federal Office For The Protection Of The Constitution (or Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz, or, thankfully, BfV), when German intelligence agents discovered that their unnamed coworker – whom we’ll refer to as “Hans,” because that’s just playing the odds – had been bragging to internet chat rooms about his life as a secret Islamic terrorist spy.

And then shit got just plain weird.

One day in 2016, German counter-terrorism agents were hanging out in a terrorist chatroom looking for some terrorism to counter, when they happened upon a user claiming to be a German secret agent. After luring him into a private chat and goading him into spilling literally every single detail about his job that was capable of being spilled, the agents were nearly certain they were speaking to their co-worker Hans. Just to be sure, though, they googled his screen name.

And that’s when they discovered that Hans – married father of four, radical Islamist, wannabe terrorist – was openly using an alias that matched yet another of his personas: the stage name he used when starring in gay pornographic films.

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