I think this is one of the must underrated, under-appreciated, least-understood and most beautiful aspects of the show. I will never get over it. Can we talk about how much this says about Booth and Brennan’s relationship? Not only is Brennan responsible for Booth’s Cocky belt-buckle, socks and ties…but he stopped gambling because of her. FOR her. I mean, ignore everything else that Booth and Brennan have shared together or been through together, just for a second, and soak this in. Look at what she did for him, and more importantly, look at what he did for her. This speaks volumes about how Booth feels about Brennan; about how he felt about her from the first time they met. He knew how special she was, he knew that she’d become important to him, and most importantly, he knew the first time they met that if anyone was ever going to make him happy, or make him a better person, it was her. He knew, and he wasn’t going to risk missing his chance.